Chappy's Clipboard - 2003 Big Ten Breakdown
By Tim Chapman Writer/Analyst



1. Wisconsin 11-1 (7-1)
2. Penn State 9-3 (6-2)
3. Minnesota 10-2 (6-2)
4. Michigan 10-2 (6-2)
5. Ohio State 9-3 (5-3)
6. Purdue 9-3 (5-3)
7. Iowa 6-6 (3-5)
8. Indiana 5-7 (3-5)
9. Illinois 3-9 (2-6)
10. Michigan State 4-8 (1-7)
11. Northwestern 0-12 (0-8)

Team most likely to surprise - Indiana... I like what Gerry Dinardo has to offer. He reworked LSU into respectability and he has good stuff to work with. 40 returning lettermen, a poised QB, a worthy offense, and a scrappy defense. No, they won't contend for the Big Ten title, but they will win a few... maybe like 5 or 6.

Team most likely to disappoint - Purdue... the Boilers have so much expectations this year. This weight is too heavy for a QB who knows he has someone breathing hard behind him- not to mention their kicking game is horrible! They also must play at Wisconsin, at Michigan and at Ohio State, with home games against Notre Dame and Penn State to boot. Will they compete? Absolutely- but I don't think fans in West Lafayette should get their hopes set high for a Rose Bowl or National Championship...

1. Minnesota
2. Wisconsin
3. Purdue
4. Ohio State
5. Michigan

1. Purdue
2. Penn State
3. Ohio State
4. Michigan
5. Wisconsin

OFF BACKFIELD: Ohio State (QB Krenzel, RB Clarett, FB Joe/Schnittker... backups- RB Ross, RB Hall, QB McMullen, QB Zwick)

RECEIVERS: Minnesota (WR Hosack, WR Hamilton, TE Utecht, WR Patterson... backups- WR Ellerson, Matthews, WR M.Rucker, TE Spaeth

O-LINE: Michigan (OT Stenavich, OG Baas, C Pearson, OG Lentz, OT Pape... backups- OG Morgan, OG Henige, C/OG Christopfel)

D-LINE: Ohio State (DE Fraser, DT Scott, DT Anderson, DE Smith... backups- DE Richardson, DE Kudla, DT Pitcock)

LINEBACKERS: Purdue (OLB L. Johnson, MLB Koutouvides, OLB Gardner... backups- OLB G.Hall, MLB Goldsberry, LB S.Richardson, LB Iwuchukwu)

DEFENSIVE BACKS: Minnesota (CB Williams, SS Isom, FS Ward, CB Dozier... backups- DB Wojciechowski, SS Fraley, FS White, CB T.Banks)

SPECIAL TEAMS: Iowa (KO/PK- Kaeding, P Bradley, KR Lewis, PR Hinkel)

Chappy's 2003 All-Big Ten Team
QB Zack Mills (jr)- PENN ST
RB Maurice Clarett (so)- OHIO ST
RB Anthony Davis (jr)- WISCONSIN
FB Carey Davis (sr)- ILLINOIS
WR Braylon Edwards (jr)- MICHIGAN
WR John Standeford (sr)- PURDUE
TE Ben Utecht (sr)- MINNESOTA
OT Robert Gallery (sr)- IOWA
OG David Baas (jr)- MICHIGAN
C Duke Preston (jr)- ILLINOIS
OG Bryce Bishop (sr)- OHIO ST
OT Tony Pape (sr)- MICHIGAN

DE Alain Kashama (sr)- MICHIGAN
DT Darrion Scott (sr)- OHIO ST
DT Tim Anderson (sr)- OHIO ST
DE Derrick Strong (sr)- ILLINOIS
OLB Landon Johnson (sr)- PURDUE
ILB Niko Koutouvides (sr)- PURDUE
ILB Alex Lewis (sr)- WISCONSIN
OLB Grant Steen (sr)- IOWA
CB Antwaun Rogers (jr)- PURDUE
CB Dustin Fox (jr)- OHIO ST
FS Jim Leonhard (jr)- WISCONSIN
SS Bob Sanders (sr)- IOWA

KO David Kimball (sr)- PENN ST
PK Robbie Gould (jr)- PENN ST
P David Bradley (jr)- IOWA
KR Jeff Backes (so)- NORTHWESTERN
PR Steve Breaston (fr)- MICHIGAN

OFF MVP: Tie- MICH WR Braylon Edwards and WISC RB Anthony Davis
DEF MVP: PUR ILB Niko Koutouvides
ST MVP: PENN ST PK Robbie Gould
OFF NEWCOMER: MICH ST WR Matt Trannon (so)
DEF NEWCOMER: Tie- OHIO ST SAF Ashton Youboty (fr) and PENN ST CB Maurice Humphrey (so)

TOUGHEST SCHEDULE: Ohio State... Washington, NC State, @Wisconsin, @Penn State, Purdue, @Michigan... yikes! If the Buckeyes stroll undefeated through THIS sked, they will have earned it even MORE than last year!

WEAKEST SCHEDULE: Minnesota... Tulsa, Troy State, @ Ohio, UL Lafayette, Michigan, Wisconsin... would you like some milk to wash that down?

BEST COACHING STAFF: Purdue- Tiller came here and has been packing for a bowl trip every year. He's got a great offensive mind (to compliment his own) in Jim Chaney, and a bulldog DC in Brock Spack. Its no wonder the Boilers keep winning!

MOST TO PROVE: Indiana QB Matt LoVecchio. This guy won nine games with Notre Dame and took them to the Fiesta Bowl- in his FRESHMAN YEAR!! Now he comes to Indiana and is looked upon as a savior. The folks in Bloomington are antsy- no bowl since '93. Here we go Matty...

MOST TO GAIN: Michigan QB John Navarre. There are a LOT of critics (mainly in Ann Arbor) on his back and in his senior season they expect him to deliver. I guess he was spoiled a bit by Griese and Brady, but this guy is a solid QB. He has broken a good amount of U of M passing records and has had a very good history as a starter. Basically, he has nowhere to go but up, and with a great supporting cast this year, he should.

OVERRATED: Michigan RB Chris Perry. Michigan fans are gonna think I'm hatin', but I have yet to see this guy prove he is a big-gamer. His fumble-itis has given Lloyd Carr fits and really forced B.J. Askew into more of a role as a runner last year (luckily it worked). He will be the difference between them challenging for a Rose Bowl/Nation Championship and playing in Florida, somewhere OTHER than Miami. Perry has the talent to be the prototypical Big Ten back, and he has not done that yet. Prove me wrong Chris.

UNDERRATED: Ohio State CB Dustin Fox. This guy was overshadowed on last year's defense cuz of a guy named Gamble. But when it comes to overall defensive play, Fox has Gamble beat. He is a GREAT man-to-man corner, is very physical and can tackle very well- something Gamble needs to improve on. I put him on my All-Big Ten team because with teams throwing away from Gamble, process of elimination says they throw more towards Fox. More tackles, more INTs= big year. He's a player- watch!

BEST PLAYER NOBODY KNOWS: Minnesota WR Aaron Hosack. This guy led the team in receiving yards per catch last year. He is a given on goal line fade routes, due to his tremendous hands and great leaping ability. He could very well lead the Big Ten in receiving, but the way Minnesota likes to spread the ball around, he won't. Still, he can hurt you- watch him!

1. Nov. 22nd Ohio State at MICHIGAN
2. Oct. 11th Ohio State at WISCONSIN
3. Oct. 18th Purdue at WISCONSIN
4. Nov. 1st Ohio State at PENN STATE
5. Oct. 11th Michigan at MINNESOTA
(team in caps is Chappy's pick to win)