Better have three televisions
By Todd Helmick Owner & Operator

August 28, 2003
ABC and ESPN, ESPN and ABC…one in the same when it comes to business. Which makes the college football viewer wonder just how they managed to produce the television quagmire that is September 6. For the more serious viewer, the best recommendation may be a three-television set up. If you are wondering about the glitch in reference, check out the lineup for that week's games.

7:15 - Maryland at Florida State - ESPN2
7:45 - Oklahoma at Alabama - ESPN
8:00 - Florida at Miami - ABC

With only two prime time games slotted for the regular 3:30 ABC Broadcast (UCLA vs. Colorado and Auburn vs. Georgia Tech), one has to wonder just how in the world they missed the boat. The general rule appears to be a bevy of 3:30 games on any given Saturday. These are some of the biggest games of the entire season! The most underrated of the trio just may be the Terrapin visit to Tallahassee on The Deuce…a game that will go a long way into deciding the ACC Champion. The other two are non-conference games, but big enough for the ESPN GameDay Crew to visit. Chris, Lee and Kirk will be in Tuscaloosa this early fall Saturday. We're willing to bet they have the three-television setup.