State of the Site - Editor's Overview
  By Dave Hershorin Managing Editor


September 2, 2003
This is the editor of finally talking to you. Sorry it has taken so long, but the past few months have been trying. Our fall team previews are all out, and it is time for the fun to begin. We strive for a superior product in this competitive world, and we hope our previews reflect that creed.

For a fourth straight year, we project our number of site visitors will more than double - going over 4 million by year's end. We can only thank you for continuing to make the strong, ever-growing site we have become. Our recognition in Sports Illustrated and on is only earned through the grassroots support we have built and strive to retain. And realizing how important our visitors are is still our prime directive in supplying all of our college football products. We remain hungry to continually and dynamically develop the perfect college football web site.

Accordingly, for a second straight year, will bring you weekly game previews supplied by our best writers. Realize that we utilize core college football as our journalistic foundation - we would rather have dedicated college football followers apply fingers-to-keyboard rather than over-burdened professionals. Sure, we have to do this with our budgetary restrictions. But, upon seeing our keen depth of the game, you will hopefully agree we know college football week-in, week-out, during season, too. We know our previews are information no real fan should be without as the action happens. We again follow select contests with offensive-versus-defensive breakdowns that give you what you need to know for every game dimension. This is stuff you usually have to wait for television experts to disseminate, but it's only a click away as you check our previews for those great insights, too.

We have become a must for any serious fan - most now know, we hip you more than we hype you.

This 2003 campaign, my own weekly column will feature a focus on both sideline insights concerning many of the games' finer points and funky observations that just need pointing out. Last year's Media Scope column was somewhat labor-intensive, so I have streamlined my approach for needed reasons and feel the results improve vastly. Football Fodder will be published as an overview of sorts that will assuredly find some football factoids you somehow missed. E-mail me a favorite moment of your own - even I know I can't see it all. This column will try to keep it all in perspective.

Through this year's wide open slew of great match-ups, enjoy college football and keep there with you the whole way. As always, let us know how we are doing, and what we could be doing to make ourselves the best overall college football web site there is. We hope you appreciate all our hard work.

And we can't wait to see you out at our Tailgate Extravaganza October 11th in Pittsburgh, when the Panthers host Notre Dames' Fighting Irish. Enjoy free food and drink with us as you meet many of the personalities, including myself, when we celebrate on this pinnacle of college football Saturdays. We will have our satellite dish for maximum viewing ability of all the day's great tilts, so you won't miss a thing. We know how to party.

So come see us then, and, as always, stick with us here, too, for all your college football needs.

We truly appreciate you continued patronage.

Dave Hershorin