The Defensive Coordinator: Review of October 11
  By Matt Priesmeyer Writer
Broomfield, CO is proud to now have our very own defensive analyst for each week's hindsights. Matt Priesmeyer is a savvy young man who, at just 14, is deeply entrenched in our favorite sport. His breakdowns and understanding of the game are worthy and true, so we feel strongly about this future journalist and his writing. As the site's editor, I know I wasn't even close to this level of football analysis at that age. So follow the rise and writings of our fledging expert.



Oklahoma: Big players make big plays on big days. That's what the whole Oklahoma defense did on Saturday in the big Red River Shootout against rival Texas. The Sooners trounced the Longhorns 65-13. Oklahoma's defense almost scored as much as Texas did altogether. Texas had 13 points and OU's 'D' had 7. Oklahoma shut out the Longhorns in the second half, which closed out the game for the boys of Norman. The stellar Sooner defense had six TOs, ending many of Texas' successful drives. For the seniors of OU, they had a sweep over Texas. As for the great senior class of Texas, they inversely never beat OU.

Florida: One week after the Gators lost at home to Ole Miss, they came into Baton Rouge 3-3. Now they go back to Gainesville 4-3. All thanks to a defense that stepped up. The Florida Gator's defense shutout LSU's offense (the seven points came on a punt return). LSU couldn't get a rushing game started, going with 24 rushes for 56 yards. QB Matt Mauck never could make that big play to get LSU into the end zone, though he had a great game going 19-for-33 for 231 yards, but had 0 touchdown passes and two interceptions.

Miami: After a week's absence from this weekly article Miami came back strong in a big game against Florida State. They wouldn't let this game come down to a kick; they would get the job done early and often. Miami forced five turnovers and that basically did the job on the soggy, muddy, afternoon in Tallahassee. Florida State, in the first half, had a tough time getting into Miami territory, let alone the end zone. Seven of the 14 points allowed by Miami didn't even matter as the Seminoles scored as time expired. Miami also shut down FSU on the Nole's 37 carries, allowing only 61 yards.

Wisconsin: Yes, finally it happened. Ohio State lost a game for the first time since New Year's Day of 2002. There was no luck or lucky bounce to be had this time for the Buckeyes. The Badgers, and their defense, came ready to play as they allowed just 10 points. The Buckeye run had but 68 yards on 26 carries. OSU QB Craig Krenzel, coming back from injury, had just 195 yards passing. Wisconsin made the big plays when they had to for the big win. The Wisconsin defense must now face the offense of the surprising Purdue Boilermakers next.

Georgia: Oh baby, the Bulldogs came ready to play in Knoxville on Saturday night. They basically had their own little party against the Vols. Georgia crushed Tennessee at Neyland Stadium 41-14. The defense of Georgia's might have made the biggest play of the ball game, when, just before half, the Vols were about to take the lead on Georgia as they were on the Bulldogs one-yard line. But Tennessee fumbled and Georgia picked it up and ran back it back for a touchdown. Casey Clausen had rough going as he never got to beat Georgia while at Tennessee, as this time he went 11-for-23 for 165 yards, one touchdown pass and two interceptions.



Sean Taylor, S, Miami: The man had the performance of his career against Florida State, flying all over the field, making tackles, knocking passes down, and getting two interceptions - one of which was returned for a touchdown on an amazing run. Once again, big players make big plays on big days. This guy is a big player.

Sean Jones, Georgia: Sean Jones was the man who turned the Georgia-Tennessee game around by making that fumble return for a touchdown before the half ended. That play gave the Bulldogs all the momentum against the overpowered Tennessee Volunteers.

Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay, LB, North Carolina State: Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay, scored not just once for North Carolina State against Connecticut, but twice. The first touchdown came on a 48-yard fumble recovery in the third quarter to give North Carolina State a 17-10 lead. Then his second touchdown proved the game winner. With the score all tied up at 21 and about 10 seconds left, UConn tried to set themselves up for a field goal and the win. But Aughtry-Lindsay had a 56-yard interception return to lead NC State to the big win.

Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma: The Austin native dominated Texas Saturday. Strait was basically always in the picture making some kind of play. On the first drive of the game Strait had an interception and returned it for 29 yards, which set the tone for the game. He also recovered a fumble when Texas was driving late. He broke up many passes, too.

Rodney Leisle, DL, UCLA: The big fella, Rodney Leisle had his second touchdown in as many weeks. This time it was a 55-yard interception return in the early parts of the fourth quarter against Arizona that resulted in the game winner. No other points were scored after Leile's touchdown. proof of his impact.