WR David Anderson
Coach: Sonny Lubick
95-51, 12 years
2004 Record: 4-7
at Colorado LOST 24-27
at Southern California LOST 0-49
at San Diego State WON 21-17
at Utah LOST 31-63
UNLV WON 45-10
at Air Force LOST 17-47

2004 Final Rankings
AP-UR, Coaches-UR, BCS-UR

2005 Outlook

Head coach Sonny Lubick is loved throughout the state for what he’s done here (six conference titles in 12 years), but the fans in Fort Collins are getting a bit antsy after two straight down years. Last year’s fourth-place MWC finish was CSU’s worst since 1993, Lubick’s first year. It was also the Rams’ first losing season since then. More out-of-the-ordinary for Lubick was how his squad went 1-4 and 3-4 in road games and conference games, respectively (after going 42-21 in conference road games prior to last year’s 1-2 MWC road mark).

There are 18 starters back, though, so a rebound is certainly the expectation. The key on offense is re-establishing the running game, something for which CSU has had an impetus under Lubick. Jimmy Green and Kyle Bell are more than capable of bringing the ground game back, while Justin Holland is expected to finally lead the team for a full season at quarterback and to have better results than his recent injury-plagued campaigns.

Of bigger concern is whether the Rams can actually stop somebody this season. It’s tough to put too much blame on the defense for a 49-0 loss to national champ USC or a 63-31 loss to undefeated Utah, but giving up 47 points to Air Force, 34 to Minnesota and 31 to BYU is concerning. The defense is better, but not by much, so the Rams are going to need to score to assure any W’s.

Don’t read too much into the Rams hype for the opener against in-state rival Colorado. It’s a nice table-setter if they win, but opening the MWC schedule with three of the first four games at home is the stretch that’ll make-or-break CSU’s season. Having just five home games all year makes that stretch a defining one, but Lubick’s pension for road tilts has to be what shapes their results if a winning season is to result.

Regardless of the specifics, Lubick’s track record suggests that the Rams won’t be down for long. Win their home games and steal a couple on the road, and there’s no reason to believe CSU can’t challenge for the conference title again.

Projected 2005 record: 5-6
QB - 4 DL - 2
RB - 2.5 LB - 2.5
WR - 3.5 DB - 4
OL - 2.5 ..

Passing: Justin Holland, 197-121-10, 1622 yds., 6 TD

Rushing: Jimmy Green, 132 att., 436 yds., 3 TD

Receiving: David Anderson, 57 rec., 940 yds., 2 TD

Scoring: Kory Sperry, Jimmy Green, Johnny Walker, Dustin Osborn - 18 pts. each

Punting: Jim Kaylor, 4 punts, 43.0 avg.

Kicking: None

Tackles: Ben Stratton, 88 tot., 60 solo

Sacks: Blake Smith, Terrance Carter - 3 each

Interceptions: Luke Adkins, 2 for 106 yds., 2 TD; Brandon Cathy, 2 for 19 yds.

Kickoff returns: Damon Morton, 22 ret., 17.8 avg., 0 TD

Punt returns: David Anderson, 20 ret., 3.5 avg., 0 TD


LB Courtney Jones
OFFENSE: Joel Dreessen-HB, Marcus Houston-RB, Uldis Jaunarajs-RB (medical), Erik Pears-OT, Jeff Babcock-K/P
DEFENSE: Patrick Goodpaster-DE, Adam Lancisero-S, Jonathon Simon-DT

It’s about time for Justin Holland (all-time leading passer in Colorado prep history) to prove what made him the prize of the Rams’ 2001 recruiting class. He got off to a great start before an ankle injury ended his ’04 campaign. Holland has a strong presence in the pocket and is most comfortable when he can sit back and survey the defense. As long as he avoids injury, he will put up solid numbers. But his numbers (especially his 6:10 TD: INT ratio) haven’t always meant team success, meaning that Justin needs to lead his guys to wins more than he needs to pad his stats. Caleb Hanie gained valuable experience filling in for Holland a year ago. In addition to having a worthy arm, Hanie is a threat to run.

Running Back
Once a strength, the Rams have struggled for the past two years (post Diesel). Jimmy Green will be the guy. A freakish combo of strength (benches 365, squats 550) and quickness (prep track athlete), Green can both get the tough yards up the middle and break away for a long run. After an injury-riddled first half of 2004, Green showed how he can handle a full load and excel. Kyle Bell (all-time leading rusher in Colorado prep history) will push Green. Bell is a bear to bring down, but he’s also got deceptive speed (4.46) for his size. The unit is deep, but inexperienced, so some shuffling should occur as real-game scenarios tell coaches who is who.

David Anderson is one of the top receivers in the country (Honorable Mention, NationalChamps.net), as he uses his speed and reliable hands well. Dustin Osborn, also a sub-6 footer, joins Anderson in a return to the starting lineup. The former walk-on has blossomed into a “deep” threat and possesses a wealth of physical ability (two-time state triple jump champ). While Anderson and Osborn lead the way, this group is one of the deepest on the team, with speedster Johnny Walker giving the Rams a solid third target for Holland. The unit, though, has its tallest member at 6’2” on the three-deep (most are just at 6’0”), so quickness is their key – any team that can employ decent man-coverage will likely squelch CSU’s aerial impact. Practicing against State’s big corners will help them overcome this.

Tight End/H-Back
Kory Sperry is a former prep quarterback who made an immediate impact at H-back. Counter to the WRs, the H-backs are well sized. This is important for their backfield presence, a place they often line up. But State threw so few times their way that it seems obvious how to jump start this offense (use these guys more, please). Matt Bartz was a starter at tight end before injuries cut his season short, but he and the other big men here will add even more girth/power to the snarlers downfield.

Offensive Line
With four starters back, the Rams have a great deal of stability up front. LT Mike Brisiel is one of the best in the MWC. With his size and quickness, he’ll keep rush ends off of Holland’s back. Center Albert Bimper has been a fixture for three years, and he’s got the brains (and strength) to be a stud. The right side returns intact, so Brandon Alconcel brings three varsity letters to his starting nod at left guard. Last campaign was a struggle for this group, but they will be better as experience brings out the potential in each/all.

Under coach Sonny Lubick, CSU has become one of the top MWC squads with an offense that could balance clock-grinding runs with a sting when they passed it over a stacked box. The Rams have been missing the ground game the last two years (ranked 97th in 2004), making them much too one-dimensional. Ergo, Holland has lacked any true ability to deliver as needed – he is a leader, but has yet to see his leadership potential be realized. Holland doesn’t run like Van Pelt did, so if teams can again bull-rush due to knowing the scheme/flow of the offense, it will be another struggle for points. Watch the Rams get back to what they do best, with Green and Bell re-establishing a rushing presence that then allows Holland to poignantly pick apart taxed defenses. No question, this will be an improved offense from a year ago, but how much the run game improves will dictate how far the entire team goes.


C Albert Bimper


Returning Starters in bold
QB Justin Holland-Sr (6-3, 201) Caleb Hanie-So (6-2, 230)
RB Jimmy Green-Sr (5-11, 225) Kyle Bell-So (6-2, 210)
WR David Anderson-Sr (5-11, 192) George Hill-So (5-11, 177)
Damon Morton-So (5-11, 175)
WR Dustin Osborn-Jr (6-0, 194) Johnny Walker-So (6-0, 184)
H Kory Sperry-So (6-6, 210) Joey Flores-Jr (6-3, 222)
TE Matt Bartz-Sr (6-3, 249) Chris Kawulok-Fr (6-3, 244)
OT Mike Brisiel-Sr (6-5, 300) Dan Crews-So (6-4, 314)
OG Brandon Alconcel-Sr (6-4, 263) Justin D'Arcy-Jr (6-3, 298)
C Albert Bimper-Sr (6-1, 303) Nick Allotta-So (6-3, 292)
OG Josh Day-Jr (6-4, 296) Jason Haskell-Jr (6-3, 280)
OT Clint Oldenburg-Jr (6-5, 290) Justin Tyler-So (6-7, 344)
K Kevin Mark-Sr (6-2, 180) ..



Defensive Line
Injuries are the main reason that this group wasn’t very good against the run (ranked 111th), or as a pass-rush unit (16 sacks). There isn’t much starting experience to lean on, either. The star of the group, though, will be Jesse Nading. After two years in the program, the former prep star (‘02 Colorado defensive player of the year) will make a huge impact. His size and all-around athleticism will make him a top end. Terrance Carter returns at the other end spot, and he has the needed speed to get to the passer. The tackles will be Blake Smith (2002 Oklahoma defensive player of the year), who has a nose for finding the play, and Delroy Parke, whose uses his size as an advantage in the run game. All have been strong in utility roles, so it’s just a matter of gelling before the unit can have a more impressive overall impact.

This group was just as responsible as the linemen for the poor showing against the run, but all three starters are back, so improvements will come via battle scars and maturity. Strongside backer Jahmal Hall is smaller than most cornerbacks (listed at 183lbs.), so it is ironic that his “big-” play-making ability has been what’s lacking. He was impressive in the spring. Courtney Jones got better as ‘04 progressed and will again spend time in opposing backfields. Weak side backer Luke Adkins is the most versatile of the group, as he can stuff the run as well as using his speed as an asset against the pass. Two three-star recruits give even more viability to their potential depth. Not a great group of linebackers, but certainly one that will make a bigger impact than last campaign.

Defensive Back
No question, the strength of the defense comes from the back. Corners Robert Herbert and Brandon Cathy are coming off solid seasons, and they’re still just juniors. Herbert has bounced around (Oregon State, Compton C.C.), but now has a home at CSU. An exceptional athlete who also played running back, Herbert utilizes his size against big receivers. Cathy is the opposite - a smaller player who relies on his quickness and athleticism (third at state in 300 hurdles and long jump in high school). The entire CB rotation is half-full of 6-footers, so the unit has the size to cover any opponent. If you can’t find the football, look for free safety Ben Stratton. The one knock on this group is that they don’t make game-breaking plays (6 INT as a group), but they don’t get beat very often, either (gave up only 15 aerial scores).

It was a dismal year on defense for the Rams, who gave up 415 yards (ranked 88th) and 29.5 points (80th) per game. The emergence of Nading instantly makes the front seven better run-stoppers, and the secondary will step up to the challenge once again and prevent shredding. State can even leave their corners on islands so that the box can be stacked at times, so there is an ability to jump-start (run-halting) results if their conventional approach starts slow. There won’t be a dramatic improvement - CSU will still give up yards and points, but it won’t be nearly as bad.


DB Ben Stratton


Returning Starters in bold
DE Terrance Carter-Sr (6-3, 239) Bob Vomhof-So (6-3, 250)
NT Delroy Parke-Sr (6-2, 298) Erik Sandie-So (6-2, 270)
DT Blake Smith-So (6-2, 290) Matt Rupp-Fr (6-3, 250)
DE Jesse Nading-So (6-5, 243) Tommie Hill-Fr (6-6, 225)
SLB Jahmal Hall-Sr (6-0, 183) John Nichols-So (6-2, 218)
MLB Courtney Jones-Sr (6-1, 232) Jon Radford-Jr (6-1, 230)
WLB Luke Adkins-Jr (6-2, 229) Jeff Horinek-Fr (6-3, 236)
CB Brandon Cathy-Jr (5-10, 183) Michael Myers-Fr (6-1, 203)
CB Robert Herbert-Jr (6-1, 195) Darryl Williams-So (5-9, 180)
SS Ben Stratton-Sr (6-2, 210) Travis Garcia-Sr (6-1, 210)
FS Miles Kochaver-Sr (6-0, 195) Lukas Davis-So (6-1, 207)
P Jimmie Kaylor-So (6-3, 194) ..




Kevin Mark has been a backup. He has, however, displayed his powerful leg in handling kickoff duties the past two years (lots of kicks for touchbacks). He’ll be able to translate that into actual scores. CSU will improve coverage as their defense produces extra hats with honed open-field abilities.

Like Mark, Kaylor is a new starter, but one who is ready to make an impact. He was all-state team as a prep senior after leading the state in punting, and he has performed well in his limited opportunities with the Rams. Net results here need the same quality infusion(s) as does the kick coverage.

Return Game
The news got constantly worse in ’04, as CSU’s return unit(s), too, were no field-position help (115th on punts, 71st on kickoffs). Anderson will once again handle the punts, and, accordingly, doesn’t figure to give the Rams must of a boost there. Herbert will move in as the primary kick returner, as he has done well in limited duty.