WR Jovon Bouknight

2004 Statistics

Coach: Joe Glenn
11-13, 2 years
2004 Record: 7-5
at Texas A&M LOST 0-31
at Brigham Young LOST 13-24
at Colorado State LOST 7-30
at UNLV WON 53-45 (3OT)
at New Mexico LOST 9-16
vs. UCLA WON 24-21

2004 Final Rankings
AP-UR, Coaches-40, BCS-UR

2005 Outlook

In beating UCLA in the Las Vegas Bowl, Wyoming let the nation now know they're DEFINITELY for real. Head coach Joe Glenn has reinstituted Cowboy football to the prominence started in the early 50s and that kept going til the new millennium. After four losing efforts, the pendulum will continue to swing back towards winning ways.

Ten starters on offense, eight on defense, and five major impact special team players come back. It all adds up to one of the best seasons in recent school history (they've had five one-loss and two undefeated squads since 1905). Everyone but UF looks beatable, yet the play of the O-line and the LBs will tell if they will dominate as expected, or just be competitive. Bramlet cutting down his double-digit INTs (13) is also a necessity for this to be no more than a two-loss season. Jovon Bouknight has too many well-fitting hats for opponents to think he can't change a game's flow with any one touch.

But the defensive effort will be the defining grace, for when Wyoming (again) cannot stop their opponent's ground attack (foes ran it 59% and for 4.3 per carry), limited, efficient air strikes will have maximum effect as the DBs are forced into the box to then get toasted, accordingly. The corners can handle it, but any efforts by the entire back-seven will reveal holes underneath.

Without Utah head coach Urban Meyer, the Cowboys are finally a favorite to win the Mountain West. But, ironically enough, Wyoming gets the Gators (and new coach Meyer) in the opener, so another loss right off (haven't beaten the year's first I-A opponents since 1996) cannot deter what will otherwise be a magical season. It's good to get this game out of the way, so that character instilled in losing can motivate their remaining efforts and winning out then feels great. Losing late just instills coulda-woulda-shoulda thoughts that haunt fans for eight months as the team then slump through the disappointment. Laramie is not a place any foes (BYU, New Mexico, TCU) want to visit after they just went 5-1 here, so expect the Cowboy contingency to win any "shootouts at the War Memorial coral". The Vice President will be proud, and most fans will agree - that is a (nother) sin worth (him) committing if their team reaches its potential.

Projected 2005 record: 9-2
DL Dusty Hoffschneider
QB - 3.5 DL - 3
RB - 3 LB - 2
WR - 3.5 DB - 3.5
OL - 3.5 ..

Passing: Corey Bramlet, 334-195-13, 2409 yds., 12 TD

Rushing: Ivan Harrison, 159 att., 587 yds., 5 TD

Receiving: Jovon Bouknight, 63 rec., 1075 yds., 7 TD

Scoring: Deric Yaussi, 18-25 FG, 36-36 PAT, 90 pts.

Punting: Adam Brooks, 55 punts, 42.7 avg.

Kicking: Deric Yaussi, 18-25 FG, 36-36 PAT, 90 pts.

Tackles: John Wendling, 89 tot., 56 solo

Sacks: John Flora, 3.5 sacks

Interceptions: Terrance Butler, 4 for 9 yds.

Kickoff returns: Jovon Bouknight, 23 ret., 22.9 avg., 0 TD

Punt returns: Hoost Marsh, 25 ret., 13.5 avg., 0 TD


OFFENSE: J.J. Raterink-QB, Chris Cox-TE, Trenton Franz-C, Dustin Pleasant-WR
DEFENSE: Zach Morris-DT, Jacob Bonde-NG, Randy Tscharner-MLB, Guy Tuell-WLB

Corey Bramlet returns after a breakout season and is poised to be one of the best in the conference with his size and drop-back skills. The Cowboys will it air out again, so look for this quick-study to expand his grasp on just what he can bring to the table in Laramie. Oh, and he can run it well to freeze LBs when he rolls out. The Pokes don't have an experienced backup like they did last season (Ratterink played significant time). Pure-passer Jacob Doss (shattered Tim Couch's Kentucky prep record for consecutive games with a TD) has the goods, but Karsten Sween mimics Bramlet more in approach. Sween, a highly touted quarterback from California who led the state in passing, is too quick not to play.

Running Back
The Cowboys have a 1-2 punch that is going to hit harder this year. Both Ivan Harrison and Joseph Harris will again share time, with Harrison the more regular of the two. He will again get the bulk of the carries, but don't think that discounts their worth in Harris, a bruising back who scored just one touchdown less than Harrison. Together, the duo averaged just over 100 yards per game. Another consistent season will come from the pair. J.R. Moore is a recruit from Oklahoma (Offensive Player of the Year) prototypically similar to the others, and is expected to have impact even as a freshman. Still, as long as Bramlet is Joe Glenn's guy, RBs won't be center-stage, especially if they again only move the rock 3.2 yards per clip. Wyoming ran the ball 55%, so you can measure how well the Cowboys are doing by noting whether their average here changes.

Want exciting? Look for Jovon Bouknight, a well-sized receiver who can flat-out fly. He was the team's best offensive player besides Bramlet last year. Bouknight will force double-teams returning as the MWC's second-leading receiver. Bouknight also throws (two TDs) and runs it once per tilt, and the Pokes will use this versatility. There are plenty of other capable receivers on a team that thrives on aerial assaults. The top seven snarlers return to the nation's 36th-rated passing attack, so expect the development of routes and schemes to expand. And with "little dynamite" PR specialist Hoost Marsh listed on the two-deep, this crew will be unstoppable once in the flow.

Tight End / H-Back
The Pokes love to throw, but John Wadkowski didn't see as many as he can handle. After seeing him finish second-team-all-conference, the Cowboys will definitely get both he and Wade Betschart more than last year's four TDs. With only one back in a majority of the time, these two also have the push to make that dimension work, too.

Offensive Line
With four of five starters returning, experience here is going to have to make up for the lack of talent displayed last campaign. Only one returner, left tackle Chase Johnson, was named all-conference (Honorable Mention), making us realize why the marginally weak running average and 40 sacks allowed force so many question here. Senior RG Drew Severn answers one of them. He will likely be moved to the vacated center spot, so the assignments are clear. But only Johnson motivates his girth at the real-game speeds needed to be consistently effective. These guys can move ok, but the sophisticated nature of using quickness to effectively marble run- and pass-blocking is the gear-shifting this crew needs. With so many talented skill guys back, this unit will use its battle scars to establish an identity and raise the entire offensive impact to the "next level".

This is going to be one of the most efficient and productive passing games in college football. Bramlet is now the conference's top QB - he has a better supporting cast, with nine other guys who are already familiar with how he improvises, and what each needs to do when he does. Bouknight is a former quarterback that is a superior "slash" athlete. His talents, while around so many other strong receivers, can only help Bramlet make this embattled line look good. With two strong, capable RBs and eager depth behind them, that dimension's emergence will, too, make this line forget 2004's struggles. The running game just has to place in the top half for all I-A teams to make this offense unstoppable, so watch that stat to see how well this entire team does. Even with their explosive reputation, Joe Glenn already knows how to control the clock after getting ahead (TOP differential +3:10) and not give such chances away (19th in NCAA for TO-margin). This is going to be the best offense the state has seen since the days of Joe Tiller in the early 1990s.


TE John Wadkowski


Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Corey Bramlet-Sr (6-4, 219) Jacob Doss-So (6-2, 210)
RB Ivan Harrison-Jr (5-7, 190) Joseph Harris-Sr (5-7, 200)
WR Jovon Bouknight-Sr (6-1, 191) Taber LeMarr-So (6-3, 198)
WR Jason Wallace-Sr (6-2, 187) Tyler Holden-Jr (6-0, 175)
WR Josh Barge-Sr (6-0, 209) Hoost Marsh-So (5-9, 172) (PR)
H/TE John Wadkowski-Sr (6-4, 259) Wade Betschart-So (6-3, 242)
OT Chase Johnson-Jr (6-8, 325) John Ulibarri-So (6-4, 290)
OG Alan Erving-Sr (6-4, 295) Mark Schwarz-Jr (6-4, 298)
C Drew Severn-Sr (6-3, 301) Tim Bond-Fr (6-4, 296)
OG Jason Karcher-Jr (6-3, 304) Kyle Howard-Fr (6-6, 306)
OT Hunter Richards-Jr (6-7, 287) Brandon Avery-Sr (6-4, 296)
K Deric Yaussi-Sr (5-11, 199) Scott Parker-Sr (6-0, 188)



Defensive Line
There is a major hole to fill here. Power-packed Dusty Hoffschneider, strong at a compact 5-10 but only 250lbs., still gets the job done in the middle with good push. John Flora, bigger than Dusty at one end, forced three fumbles as he forces plays to either be contained or have to go high to get around him to the outside. On the other side is "Buck" Aaron Robbins. Former TE/FB Robbins is a power-speed player who fills this unique role of being both a rush end and/or drop-back guy all-in-one. Both seniors can accomplish here, but over pursuit cannot again affect this position. As far as the other inside post, the Pokes are going to look for a number of capable, but inexperienced dudes. This is the same line, minus both one great (Morris) and one mundane (Bonde) part, that could only hold foes to 4.3 per carry and attain 19 sacks. Much falls to the LBs for responsibility, but since most are new starters there in '05, this unit tells-tale as to whether they can step up or not as the anchor that can hold its own as needed.

This is the biggest question mark on the entire team. Junior Austin Hall, left now as the only returning starter (SAM), was the weakest of the three here last time. He plays quick, but has not bulked past 215 and seems to chase the play more often than make it. Luke Chase is going to find somewhere to play after impressing as a frosh. The entire corps is light and fast, but seems to be run-stopping oriented, what is needed. Quick doesn't matter if you can't stop foes initial ground assault, so look for senior WLB Tatnall and junior MLB Prater to load the box as they are the biggest of the bunch. As mentioned for the line's unit, the run-stopping was weak enough such that the turnover here is likely a blessing. Tough new faces will make this corps strong again in both run- and pass-support.

Defensive Back
John Wendling and Derrick Martin are the main reasons it will be hard to get completions. Martin is a lockdown cover man (T-14th in all I-A for passes defended) who has uncanny blitzing/penetrating skills when playing the run inside, and CB-mate Terrance Butler does his job well enough (led team with four INTs). Ron Rockett returns to make the already-gelled unit complete. Surprise depth from newbie (former QB-RB) J.R. Moore will compliment the other, already-established DBs to make this an even better unit than the 47th-ranked in pass efficiency defense the just were in 2004. Their ability to genuinely help in the box and still do their required, drop-back roles will go a long way towards more effectively ushering in the new LBs, and therefore securing the flow on this side of the ball.

The defense is going to have trouble keeping up with the offense. There just isn't enough experienced talent coming back to make this a feared unit. The three front-seven players lost represent the teeth of what was, so just who steps up and how fast will tell us how far Wyoming goes as an entire team. But the key will be the DBs ability to bolster toughness on the inside, and just how long the LBs NEED this just to hold back the ground flood, so to speak. It is going to take some time for the defense to develop chemistry and fulfill its potential. Knowing they will score early and often, this D can grow into its own by keeping the play in front of them underneath, so the ball-hawking DBs can go deep as needed and keep Wyoming from losing those 'Wild West Aerial Shootouts'. This defense can be better than the last, but balance will found quickly, or the budding middle will never fully grow into its potential, affecting the rest of the cast as they are forced to support it.


DB Derrick Martin


Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE John Flora-Sr (6-4, 267) Mike Groover-Jr (6-3, 237)
DT Jake Mayes-Jr (6-3, 285) Corey Mace-Jr (6-3, 290)
NG Dusty Hoffschneider-Sr (5-8, 257) Jake Mayes-Jr (6-3, 285)
DE Aaron Robbins-Sr (6-4, 253) Adam Diehl-Jr (6-3, 223)
SLB Austin Hall-Jr (6-2, 229) Sean Claffey-So (6-3, 234)
MLB John Prater-Jr (6-2, 239) Luke Chase-So (6-1, 222)
WLB Jeff Tatnall-Sr (5-11, 230) Ward Dobbs-Fr (6-0, 232)
CB Derrick Martin-Jr (5-11, 189) Julius Stinson-So (5-10, 170)
CB Terrance Butler-Sr (6-1, 179) Brandon Bell-Sr (6-1, 190)
SS Ron Rockett-Sr (6-1, 185) Marcial Rosales-Jr (6-1, 233)
FS John Wendling-Jr (6-1, 209) Dorsey Golston-Jr (6-0, 188)
P Adam Brooks-Sr (5-11, 190) Scott Parker-Sr (6-0, 188)




Deric Yaussi is the best kicker in the conference (first-team). Yaussi was only 6-of 10 from 40-49 yard range, unable to convert on two long ones that cost them dearly in the New Mexico game (11/20/04), but his leg is strong and he should be even better, regardless. Rather mundane coverage on KOs will improve, as will (net) punt coverage, due to the influx of defensive talent.

Adam Brooks is as good at punting as Yaussi is at kicking. Brooks averaged 42+ yards per, and gets great hangtime and placement. Playing in the altitude of Laramie only helps him and the Cowboys' punt team.

Return Game
Bouknight uses his superior athletic ability to make the Pokes one of the best kick return teams in the country. He is unbelievably fast and changes open-field directions better than most. Mighty-mini Hoost Marsh is the second man on kickoffs, but more importantly was 20th-best in all I-A on PRs. Field position battles won here will pay dividends in establishing the power running game needed to open the offense up to its maximum potential.