RB Jamelle Eugene

2007 Statistics

Coach: Tom O'Brien
5-7, 1 year
2007 Record: 5-7
UCF LOST 23-25
at Boston College LOST 17-37
at Florida State LOST 10-27
at East Carolina WON 34-20
at Miami FL WON 19-16 (OT)
at Wake Forest LOST 18-38

2007 Final Rankings
AP-UR, Coaches-UR, BCS-UR

2008 Outlook

Tom O’Brien has never shied away from a good challenge. From his mother’s forthright attitude to his Naval background, hard work has been his creed. At Boston College, he took over a team in 1997 that hadn’t been over .500 for two years. After two 4-7 efforts, O’Brien then reeled off eight consecutive winning seasons up in Beantown. Well, the first season here was another struggle like many seen here as of late, and the prospects for improvements are ambiguous. Yes, it’s another fun year in Raleigh.

O’Brien will be shuffling QBs like cards at a casino. Daniel Evans is the chosen quarterback due to experience, but other than that, Evans needs to either take the starting role by the horns or relinquish it to one of the guys who will start next year. This way, kinks worked out will mean a better (head) start for 2009. O’Brien will have OC Bible trying out Wilson first, but then, true frosh Glennon will get his shot since the staff knows his skill set is probably the most promising. Power running, O’Brien’s/Bible’s trademark at BC, has a chance if two DTs can transform their qualities to the OL. The inside looks good for rushing lanes to be found, and the outside has solid pass protectors. Can it all come together so the RBs can go outside effectively as N.C. State’s QBs find clear views on passing plays?

The defense, State’s signature dimension, didn’t look like it did under former coach and defensive maven Chuckie A. Young, Cash and Irving are stanchions around which to build, but returning to a quality like fans are used to won’t be this D’s destiny. That doesn’t mean a serviceable effort can’t find consistency and be effective.

The first five games are deceptively tough – East Carolina, South Carolina and Clemson constitute the best of the Carolinas, and budding USF rose to No.2 in ’07 (won at Auburn). The “O’Brien Bowl” is in Raleigh this time, but in these first six foes, four earned post-season births last year. Emerging from the first half of the season 3-3 would be a huge boost. The ACC teams inhabiting the Wolfpack’s last six games look manageable. A .500 record as a realistic goal would set the bar low, but that’s been the norm for years. Coach O’Brien wants more, and fans know better times will eventually come. But another year of waiting…patience is quickly becoming a fleeting commodity here.

Projected 2008 record: 4-8

DT Alan-Michael Cash

QB - 3.5 DL - 3
RB - 3.5 LB - 2.5
WR - 3 DB - 3.5
OL - 2.5 ..
2007 Statistical Rankings
Total Off:
Sacks Allow:
Total Def:

Passing: Daniel Evans, 194-339-13, 2030 yds., 12 TD

Rushing: Jamelle Eugene, 172 att., 667 yds., 5 TD

Receiving: Donald Bowens, 41 rec., 598 yds., 3 TD

Scoring: Jamelle Eugene, 6 TD, 36 pts.

Punting: Bradley Pierson, 62 punts, 37.2 avg.

Kicking: None

Tackles: Alan-Michael Cash, 48 tot., 21 solo

Sacks: Willie Young, 5.5 sacks

Interceptions: Jeremy Gray, 3 for 36 yds.

Kickoff Returns: Donald Bowens, 20 ret., 21.5 avg., 0 TD

Punt Returns: None


OFFENSE: Patrick Bedics-FB, John Dunlap-WR, Darrell Blackman-WR, Marcus Stone-TE, Kalani Heppe-OG, Luke Lathan-C, Steven Hauschka-K
DEFENSE: Littleton Wright-DE, DeMario Pressley-DT, Martrel Brown-DE, LeRue Rumph-SLB, James Martin-MLB, Ernest Jones-WLB, Jimmie Sutton-CB, Miguel Scott-S, DaJuan Morgan-S (NFL)

Building from scratch takes time. Selling that to Wolfpack fans so they can take their offense with ‘a grain of salt’ isn’t easy. It has been years since a strong offense was fielded here. Coach O’Brien brought OC Dana Bible with him from BC, so you can bet the goal is to rebuild the same prototypical offense as was seen there as they left two years ago. Power running and precision passing are now the major goals here at N.C. State, too, but it will be at least another year or two before this side of the ball is strong enough to secure wins by itself.

Daniel Evans has been the default starter under center for two years, but the senior will be on a shorter leash since his last season means someone else has to be ready for next year. Killing two birds with one proverbial stone would be to yank a struggling Evans while seasoning a new guy (or two). Frosh Russell Wilson seems to have the most complete game, both running and passing with consistency. Justin Burke could be a serious contender if it wasn’t for newbie Mike Glennon’s tag as this year’s No.3 drop-back passer (No.2 ranking for his arm strength, Rivals). Seems like Burke becomes an afterthought, as Glennon is the staff’s obvious hope for the future. Figure it out as you may as to who will be rotated in and under what circumstance…your guess will be as good as ours for how O’Brien and Bible evaluate their QB talent.

FYI: at N.C. State, an H-Back is still a halfback. Junior HB Jamelle Eugene is the same ‘by default’ starter as Evans…decent, but not the real deal. What Eugene has is soft hands and an ability to pick up onrushing blitzers/ends, so he is an obvious choice on third-downs. Brown and Baker were lost to injury, making their returns imminent and something that has Eugene realizing his precarious hold on the starting spot. It’s all good for these sizable upperclassmen to bring the running game back up to Wolfpack standards.

The running game will be relying on two former defensive tackles to plow holes. Ted Larsen has the bigger task moving to center, but both he and nubile LG John Bedics are mobile types who know how to use their weight in their respective roles. Neither has ever played on offense at any level, revealing the moderate desperation that exists to fill these slots. Crouch will tutor them as things progress, but he’s mainly a run specialist. The tackles look like they are best suited for pass protection. Senior RT Green can play anywhere up front. McCuller is just as versatile (play anywhere on the OL) and effective on the outside. Without another injury rash to the running stable, this ground game will take off.

The passing game gets a huge boost as Anthony Hill is back after he was lost for all of 2007 due to an injury in July. O’Brien’s offenses need a qualified receiver coming off of the line, and TE Matt Kushner just isn’t that guy. Hill’s distracting presence will open up more downfield options. Bowens and Williams are big targets sure to pull dual (blocking) roles as starters. Davis will be the flash that sparks excitement, and Spencer is a deep threat sure to stretch the field and keep opposing safeties deep. This offense is poised to excel if the right signal caller can be quickly found.


TE Anthony Hill


Returning Starters/
Key Players
QB Daniel Evans-Sr (6-2, 200) Russell Wilson-Fr (5-11, 191)
Harrison Beck-Jr (6-2, 220)
FB Harrison Ritcher-So (5-11, 215) Donovan Counts-So (6-1, 210)
HB Jamelle Eugene-Jr (5-10, 195) Andre Brown-Sr (6-0, 228)
WR Donald Bowens-Jr (6-3, 206) Owen Spencer-So (6-3, 180)
WR Jarvis Williams-So (6-4, 205) Darrell Davis-So (6-4, 212)
TE Anthony Hill-Sr (6-6, 265) Matt Kushner-Jr (6-4, 265)
OT Julian Williams-Jr (6-5, 305) Desmond Roberts-Fr (6-4, 295)
OG Jake Vermiglio-So (6-5, 315) John Bedics-Sr (6-4, 295)
C Ted Larsen-Jr (6-2, 295) Andy Barbee-Jr (6-3, 210)
OG Curtis Crouch-Sr (6-5, 320) Gary Gregory-So (6-4, 305)
OT Meares Green-Sr (6-4, 306) Jeraill McCuller-Jr (6-7, 330)
K Josh Czajkowski-So (5-9, 184) Bradley Pierson-Sr (5-9, 163)



The pains felt on defense had the State faithful suffering through its worst showing since the 2003 season. Under Chuckie A., strong defenses were not a concern. Run stopping was a struggle last year - teams went for 186 yards per week on what had been the guts of this D in years past. Now, the front seven will be challenged to make improvements. It will all be based around the talents of Willie Young. A throwback to the amazing DLmen of a few years ago, rebuilding the line so similar results from that heyday can be seen again are best realized through Young. German born Markus Kuhn played sparingly but proved he is a possible breakout power end. Inside, Cash was the top lineman of ’07 with 48 takedowns. Holmes, like Kuhn, had such a good year as a reserve that it will take an injury to slow either of them down. DL coach Kevin Willis should see his unit improve, and his namesake, after following his father here from BC, is poised to be a key reserve. Willis, Jr. was strong in his few showings as a Golden Eagle.

The linebackers are all new…well, somewhat new. The guy who has starting experience (only other guy to start in ‘07 than the three departed LBs) is Nate Irving. Irving soared as a RS freshman, and he will continue to progress/grow. Ex-safety and senior Rob Leonard has to step into the other outside role (strongside). Ray Michael is another oft-seen reserve who won’t be wide-eyed due to his promotion. Maddox and Manning are two new faces that promise to eventually deliver. This unit is obviously pivotal to the entire defense tying together.

6’2 corner Jeremy Grey has no trouble taking on all comers, but the proof of DeAndre Morgan’s talent will be in seeing him play like his departed brother (DaJuan). Koyal George switches sides, going back to his prep position. This wasn’t a very efficient pass defense, so a year older/wiser in the current system will need to translate into better results. The new safeties offer potential that will take time to fill. Neal started six games and can cover as well as he plays against the run, while Byers will need tutoring since he is spanking new to real game collegiate speed. Walker is an excellent nickel if his surgically repaired knee is 100%...and it is, so far.


DE Willie Young


Returning Starters/
Key Players
DE Markus Kuhn-So (6-4, 280) Audi Augustin-So (6-2, 253)
DT Antoine Holmes-Sr (6-2, 281) Keith Willis-Sr (6-1, 284)
DT Alan-Michael Cash-Jr (6-1, 286) Wayne Crawford-Fr (6-3, 290)
DE Willie Young-Jr (6-4, 243) Jeff Rieskamp-Fr (6-3, 235)
SLB Robbie Leonard-Sr (6-0, 205) Audie Cole-Fr (6-5, 229)
MLB Ray Michel-Jr (6-0, 224) Dwayne Maddox-Fr (6-2, 225)
WLB Nate Irving-So (6-1, 225) Thomas Barnes-So (5-11, 225)
CB DeAndre Morgan-So (5-10, 170) Koyal George-Jr (5-11, 175)
CB Jeremy Gray-Sr (6-2, 188) Dominique Ellis-Fr (5-11, 190)
SS J.C. Neal-Sr (5-11, 195) Javon Walker-So (6-0, 197)
FS Justin Byers-Fr (6-0, 185) Jimmaul Simmons-Fr (6-2, 200)
P Bradley Pierson-Sr (5-9, 163) Jeff Ruiz-So (6-2, 185)




P Bradley Pierson’s 37.2 per punt average didn’t even rank in the top 100, but the Pack’s 52nd-ranked net results prove Pierson’s controlled approach works for N.C. State. Czajkowski proved much this spring of how he will provide three points when needed. Bowens and Eugene as return men should work well.