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The TV Listings have been in existence since the website was founded in 1999. Each and every year, the TV Listings have continually grown to become one of the most viewed college football web pages on the internet, reaching upwards of 2 million visitors during the fall season. Our TV Listings have become tradition for every college football fan that owns a television. Not just used at home, the TV Listings are also integral for many sports bars and dining facilities across the country that maintain multiple television programming for their customers. This is due to our detailed channel listings – local, regional and national - for every single game, and we update them daily as changes occur.

This season at, we’ve expanded our TV Listings to now include all Directv channels for quick and easy reference, and have also added a Local Network section for home viewers without satellite access.

We are currently seeking an ad sponsor for the 2008 TV Listings. Although our other web pages currently maintain some form of multiple banner advertisement, we will continue to offer an exclusive rights package for the TV Listings page(s) in addition to single banner ad placement.

If you are interested in advertising or becoming a sponsor for the 2008 TV Listings, please contact us at the email link listed below. We will be happy to discuss some of the different options available.


Todd Helmick