2012 Beginning of season announcement

Reports of new or alternate helmet designs for any team covered at this web site are greatly appreciated! Please note that to add an image for any new helmet to this web site I will need two things:

1. At least one photograph (preferably of the left side of the helmet), to show what the helmet looks like (please do not send artwork in place of photographs);

2. A copy of the logo for the decal (if different decals are worn on the left and right sides of the helmet, I need the logo for the left side of the helmet.

Once I have both of these things, I can usually add the new helmet to the web site within a day or two (though I may fall behind during the busy time of the year - August through October). Even if you are unable to provide these two things, reports of new designs are still appreciated greatly, particularly for the smaller colleges and junior colleges.

Please keep in mind that I am interested in documenting even relatively minor changes, such as changes to the stripe sequence or changes of the facemask color, so please notify me even of small changes such as these, including any made later in the season, so that they can be documented. Not all colleges are contributing information, so if you notice an opposing team using a different helmet design than the one shown for them at this web site, I would greatly appreciate you letting me know about it.

Information about historical helmets (ones used since 1960) is also greatly appreciated!

Alternate helmet designs

It appears that the current enthusiasm for usage of alternate helmet designs will continue unabated into the 2012 season, with many smaller colleges also now using multiple designs. It is becoming increasingly difficult to document all these, but I do intend to attempt to do so for at least one more year. In recent years many "announced" helmet designs were later altered before actually being used during a game, so for most of these, I will probably wait until they are actually used before adding them to the web site.

To facilitate the reporting of usages of alternate helmet designs, I have assigned designations in the form of letters immediately below the helmet images for some known "multi-helmet" teams that have not indicated a specific scheme for their usage. For example, Oregon's green helmet with yellow "O" logo is designated 'A', Oregon's white helmet with green "O" is designated 'B', etc. This will allow you to report that "Oregon used helmet A yesterday vs Arizona" instead of "Oregon used green helmets with yellow "O" yesterday vs Arizona", and at the end of the year the sequence of helmets used by Oregon can be summarized as (for example) "AAC BCA DBA ECA D" (one letter for each game in sequence). The proliferation of alternate helmet designs is becoming almost unmanageable to keep up with, so please bear with me as I try to document all of their usages - I may not be able to update every team every week.

Thanks to everyone for contributing information to the web site!