Commonwealth Coast Football

"Hawks" "Colonels" "Gulls"
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"Eagles" "Nor'easters" "Bison"
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"Seahawks" "Golden Bears"
Newport, RI Springfield, MA


Western New England and Salve Regina have new helmet designs in 2019 (shown above).

Husson is a new member of this conference in 2019.


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This team played its first season of football in 2005.

*1 This design is "blank" on its left side, but has white uniform numerals on its right side (as represented below).

*2 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; a "hawk head" logo is present on the right side (as depicted below).

*3 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; a "hawk head" logo is worn on the right side (as depicted below).

*4 This design was used for at least the first two games in 2018 before a switch was made to the next design by at least game #5 (October 6 at Salve Regina).

*5 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; a "hawk head" logo is present on the right side (as depicted below).


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*see note 1 below *see note 1 below
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The recent sequence of helmet designs for this team is somewhat unclear. It has been reported to me that the team used gray helmets in 1998 with the team name "Colonels" in a script font, colored purple, on the sides; a conflicting report indicated that the helmets were plain silver with purple facemasks from 1996 through 1998. A switch to black helmets was made in 1999; these featured the word "Curry" on the sides in some unspecified color.

It is unclear how long the black helmets were in use, but I believe the team was again using silver or gray helmets immediately prior to the switch to purple helmets, which is said to have occurred in 2002. The only photographs that I have seen from 2002 appear to show no logos worn on the helmets.

The helmets used from at least 1989 through 1993 have been described as plain silver without any logo (facemask color was not specified); another report indicated that a "purple overlapping 'CC'" logo was worn on silver helmets earlier during the 1980s.

*1 Apparently throughout the period when the "2003? - 2009" helmet was in use, the logo was actually worn on the right sides only of the helmets, with the left sides "blank". This scheme was retained with the new-for-2010 helmet, also (at least through the 2010 season).


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The 2003 season was the first for the Endicott football team.


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2003 was the first season of football for Husson.


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*1 This design was used throughout the 2005 season except for the last game (November 5 at Western New England); during that game the bison logo was not worn.

*2 This design has uniform numerals on its left side only; the right side is "blank"


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*see note 1 below

The above are all of the "known" helmet designs used by SRU, which played its first season of football in 1993. The dates of use are uncertain for the period 1996 - 1999, but the first design shown above was apparently used through at least 1996, and the third design by at least 1999. A club or JV-level team played in 1992 and used the first design shown above.

*1 The 2014-2015 helmet design used the "SR" logo only on the left side; gray uniform numerals were worn on the right side (as represented below).


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From 2002 through 2004, Western New England used royal blue helmet shells with white facemasks and with a decal consisting of a large yellow "W" with a bear's face in front of the "W", as shown in the photograph here. I would appreciate a copy of the helmet logo, as well as a copy of the previously-used one, which was the letters "WNEC" in yellow (which was also worn on blue helmets with white facemasks).