Helmets of Discontinued Canadian College Teams

Below is a list sent to me several years ago by a visitor to this website (thanks Bob W.) of Canadian colleges and universities which once sponsored intercollegiate football but which no longer do so; the year listed for each school is reported to be the last in which football was played at the college. I would greatly appreciate information (especially photographs) about historical helmet designs (used since 1960) for any of these teams.


Cape Breton had a team for one season only (1990). The few photographs of the football team which I've seen all appear to show the team using white helmets with no logos or stripes, and with facemasks of some darker color (probably either green or orange, assuming the school colors have not changed since 1990).



The Dalhousie (Halifax, NS) "Tigers" last played in 1976 and apparently used plain gold helmets through at least the period 1970-1974.

UQTR (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières)

c.late 1970s

UQTR (Trois-Rivières, Quebec) used this design at an unknown time, probably during the late 1970s; the team last played in (I think) 1979. The team nickname was "Patriotes". A return of the program in 2017 was announced but later cancelled.