NAIA Independent team

"Yellow Jackets"
Columbia, SC


Allen is a new team which in 2018 is playing its first season of football since 2005.

Historical Helmets

2003? - 2005 2018 -

Citing financial difficulties, Allen discontinued its football team in early 2006 after three years of varsity play as an NAIA independent team. A club-level team had played in 2001 and 2002. The first helmet design shown above is the only one for which I ever received any information, but it is certainly possible that others were used, particularly during the earlier years of the program. I believe that yellow helmets may have been used for a while, but perhaps only by the club-level team.

The university also had a team during the mid-1900s with 1968 being the team's final year. I would appreciate any information about helmet designs used by Allen during the 1960s.