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1964 - 1966 1976 1960 - 1963; November 25, 2004;
additional games 2005 -
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1967 - 1975; 1977 -

*1 The Cowboys replaced ONE of the blue central stripes with a red one for some (but perhaps not all) of their games during the 1976 season. All pictures I have seen of these helmets show the red stripe on the right side of the helmet, so that the stripe sequence, from left to right, runs blue-white-red. I have illustrated this helmet here with a technically incorrect depiction showing the red stripe on the left side, because otherwise the representation would look just like the Cowboys' current helmet design. The red stripe was added in recognition of the United States' bicentennial year.

*2 In addition to the 1960 - 1963 period, the Cowboys used white helmets during the following games: November 25, 2004 (vs Chicago), September 19, 2005 (vs Washington), November 24, 2005 (vs Denver), November 23, 2006 (vs Tampa Bay), December 25, 2006 (vs Philadelphia), November 29, 2007 (vs Green Bay), November 23, 2008 (vs San Francisco), October 11, 2009 (at Kansas City), and November 25, 2010 (vs New Orleans).


c.1940s - 1960 1961 - 1974;
1994 special
*see note 1 below
1975 1976 - 1979 1980 - 1999;
October 11, 2018
2000 -

*1 During at least two preseason games in 1975, the Giants did not wear decals on the sides of their helmets. I have received photographic confirmation of this for a game in which the New York Jets were the opposing team, and a visitor to the web site has written to say that the numerals were also absent during a game against the Steelers, as was seen in an ESPN "Steelers '75 yearbook" program.


c.1955 - 1968;
September 12, 2010
1969 1969 - 1973
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1989 (late season) 1994 special 1974 - 1995
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September 23, 2007 1996 -
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Around the time when I created this website back in 1999 there were a few other websites which claimed the existence of another historical helmet for the 1973 Eagles; a white helmet with green "wings" on the sides which were outlined in black. I am now nearly certain that this version was NOT actually used, and that the "wings" were always green with no black outline, for the following reasons: 1) the photographs cited to support this version were (to the best of my knowledge) all of low-quality and were apparently displaying 'chromatic aberration', an optical phenomena which tends to produce 'fringes' along the boundary of dark and light parts of an image when seen through a lens (such as that of a camera); 2) all of the clear photographs of the 1973 helmets do not show any such black outline. Many much-better photographs have been published on the internet since 1999; below are some of these - notice that none of them show a black outline on the wings:

The photograph below shows a helmet that was apparently auctioned as a game-used helmet:

Finally, here are some comments by site visitor Dan pertaining to a Youtube video of highlights from the Eagles' 1973 5-8-1 season:
"1 minute 10 second mark - no black outline
1:18 - no black outline
4:00 - no black outline
5:38 - no black outline
6:34 - no black outline
7:35 - no black outline
10:21 thru 10:30 - no black outline
10:33 - no black outline
11:31 - even the helmet-car doesn't have a black outline
12:54 - no black outline
13:55 - no black outline
14:39 - no black outline
14:43 - no black outline
14:56 - no black outline
15:12 - no black outline
15:21 - no black outline
17:03 - no black outline (you can count Gabriel's nose hairs in this one, it's so clear)
17:29 - more nose hairs, and still no black outline
17:58 - no black outline
18:27 - no black outline
18:52 thru 19:08 - no black outline
20:59 - no black outline
22:09 - no black outline
22:49 - Harold Carmichael's nose hairs, and no black outline
In other words, 1973 - no black outline
I was an avid football fan and helmet freak starting in 1971. I used to draw each team's helmet with my artist-dad's array of colored pens, pencils and markers. And every detail mattered to me. Each season, we would actually LOOK for changes in each team. And we watched at least 2 Eagles games on TV, and watched every week's highlight show in 1973. And I was never aware of any addition of any black outline to the Eagles' helmet decals that year."

Obviously if anybody DOES have a CLEAR photograph of an ACTUAL 1973 Eagles helmet (as opposed to a replica helmet. or mini-helmet, etc) having a black outline around the wings, I would be very interested to see it.

*1 This design was brought back for use during the home game against Green Bay in 2010.

*2 Both green and white helmets were used during 1969; the green helmets were worn during road games and the white ones for home games.

*3 The Eagles wore a piece of black tape across their wing helmet decals during the last three games of the 1989 regular season and during a playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams. This was done in memory of the team's quarterbacks coach, Doug Scovil, who died on December 9, 1989. The specific dates were December 10 (vs Dallas), December 18 (at New Orleans), December 24 (vs Phoenix), and December 31 (vs Los Angeles).

*4 This helmet design was used on September 23, 2007 during a home game against the Detroit Lions. The helmet and uniforms worn during that game were intended to resemble those worn by the first Philadelphia Eagles team, which played in 1933.


c.1959 - 1964 1965 - 1969 1970 - 1971;
September 23, 2007
1972 - 1977 1982 1994 special
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2002 home games November 4, 2012 November 3, 2013
October 20, 2019 1978 - 1981;
1983 - 2019
November 22, 2020
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The new team name was announced February 2, 2022. Previously the team name was Washington Football Team during the 2020 and 2021 football seasons, and Washington Redskins from 1937 through 2019.

The new alternate black-shelled helmet design introduced on February 2 had the new "W" logo in a small size at the front of the helmet, and uniform numbers in what appeared to be a new propretary font on the sides; the numbers were gold/yellow with burgundy outlines. I have not yet located the new uniform number font.

Both of the "spear" helmets (the 2002 one and the 1965-1969 one) had somewhat darker shells than the other Redskins helmets, according to some sources.

*1 According to 'Mike Stanhope's football helmet web page' ( - site apparently no longer exists), not all players wore this altered version of the logo during 1982 (note that the feathers are different); some continued to use the "straight" feather version.