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The Rams will have a new helmet design beginning in 2017 (shown above).

Historical Helmets


1960; 1994 special 1960 - 2004 2005 -

The new 2005 logo updated the one which had been used by the team continuously since the second game of the 1960 season (though some very minor changes were made to the logo during this 45-year period).

The team was based in Chicago prior to 1960 and moved from Saint Louis to Phoenix following the 1987 season. For several seasons thereafter, the team went by the name Phoenix Cardinals.


1964 - 1972 1950 - 1963;
1973 - 1980
1981 - 1999
*see note 1 below
2000 - 2016 2017 -

The Rams were based in Cleveland, Ohio from 1937 through 1945 and in Los Angeles, California from 1946 through 1994. The team moved to St. Louis in 1995 and remained there through 2015, then returned to Los Angeles in 2016. Some rather subtle changes were made to the shapes of the horn decals over the years, but I have not attempted to depict those changes here.

*1 This design was brought back for use during the following home games for the Rams: October 11, 2009 (vs Minnesota), December 20, 2009 (vs Houston), October 31, 2010 (vs Carolina), and October 30, 2011 (vs New Orleans).


1960 - 1961 1962 - 1963 1964 - 1995;
several games in the 2000s
*see note 1 below
1996 - 2008 2009 -

*1 Upon locating the necessary information, I will probably add one or two more helmet images to cover the range of dates represented by this image. Specifically, the thickness of the black outline around the red oval logo may have changed sufficiently during this period to warrant a seperate image, and the black outline around the letters "SF" was apparently absent during the earlier years (the Mike Stanhope helmet site indicates that the outline was added "in the early to mid 1990s").

This design was brought back for the following 49ers home games: November 25, 2002 vs Philadelphia, October 30, 2005 vs Tampa Bay, November 5, 2006 vs Minnesota, September 10, 2007 vs Arizona, November 17, 2007 vs Saint Louis, October 26, 2008 vs Seattle, and December 28, 2008 vs Washington (and possibly additional games when its use was not reported to this web site).


1976 - 1982 1983 - 2001 2002 - 2011
*see note 1 below
2012 -

*1 The blue helmet introduced in 2002 was reported to have received 76.6% of the vote in a fan preference poll conducted by the team in which the other choice was a silver-shelled helmet with the same logo.