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Historical Helmets


1969 September 20, 1969 c.1950s - 1971 (some games);
1983 - 1984 (some games)
*see note 1 below
1960 -

Alabama has one of the smallest sets of different historical helmet designs for the period covered by this web site (1960 to present), and the team's current helmet design may qualify as the "oldest helmet design still in use" (at least among the NCAA Division I teams). The style of numerals worn on the helmets was somewhat different during the early 1960s.

Alabama has used white helmets rather than crimson ones during several periods. White was the regular color during the 1950s until crimson helmets were used during the Bluebonnet Bowl game against Texas on December 17, 1960. Thereafter, crimson became the usual helmet color for several years, but "at times during the 1960s, Alabama used white helmets on eligible receivers in games at night or when another team's helmet matched or resembled ours in color" - one report I have received indicates that this was done only for a single season (year unspecified) before an NCAA rule was instituted mandating that all players on each team use the same color helmets. There were apparently some occasions during the late 1960s when the entire team team used white helmets; I do not have a list of such games from this period, but there were two games in 1971 (vs Southern California and vs Houston) which were apparently the last times Alabama used white helmets until 1983. (reference: - link is now obsolete)

White helmets were again used for some games in both 1983 and 1984 - the following is apparently a complete list of these games: September 24, 1983 at Vanderbilt, October 29, 1983 vs Mississippi State, November 5, 1983 at LSU, November 12, 1983 vs Southern Mississippi, November 25, 1983 at Boston College, September 15, 1984 at Georgia Tech, November 3, 1984 at Mississippi State, and November 17, 1984 at Cincinnati.

*1 This design was apparently used during the entire 1969 season, but during Alabama's first game in 1969 (at Virginia Tech) some players wore white helmets. A short film from this game is available here: in which one can see that up to half of the offensive and special teams players are wearing white helmets while all of the defensive players appear to be using crimson helmets. Unfortunately the color of the football-shaped "100" logo on the white helmets is unclear, though a reddish color is weakly suggested by the video. This was apparently the only game in 1969 when some Alabama players used white helmets.

It was also reported to me that the "100" logo was worn only on the right sides of Alabama's helmets in 1969 and that the usual uniform numerals were worn on the left sides - but I have received at least one photograph showing the "100" on both sides during at least one unknown game. I have not received any photographs showing the "100" on one side, but not on the other side.


1958 - 1963 1964 - 1966 1967 - 1977
January 2, 1978 - 1994 1995 - 2000 September 10, 2011
*see note 1 below
'B' 'C' 'D'
2012 2013 - 2014; 2018 - 2013
'E' 'F' 'G'
2014 January 2, 2016; 2018 - 2016 - 2017
'H' 'A'
2017 2001 -

During recent years Arkansas has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

*1 White facemasks were first used in the Orange Bowl game against Oklahoma at the end of the 1977 season.


1960 1961 - 1965 1966 - 1978
*see note 1 below
November 28, 1981 1979 - 1983 October 6, 2007
*see note 2 below
January 1, 2020 1984 -
*see note 3 below

Auburn began using the traditional "AU" logo in 1966 and has used it ever since; it is apparently the only helmet logo that the team has ever used. Auburn used large uniform numerals on the sides of the helmets through 1965.

*1 In 1960 most Auburn players were wearing this helmet design, but some photographs show a few players still wearing a blue/white/orange/white/blue stripe sequence that had first appeared in either 1956 or 1957. The helmet numerals appear to have first been used in 1958, and they were unusually large even then. 1960 was the only year that a single orange stripe was used.

*2 The Auburn team wore black bars (probably pieces of black tape) above the helmet decals during the 1981 game against Alabama, as a tribute to team members Alan Manley and Cary Condray, who were both killed in an automobile accident on November 17 of that year.

*3 During Auburn's appearance in the Outback Bowl vs Minnesota at the end of the 2019 season the number 7 was worn on the left side of each Auburn helmet in memory of former team member and 1971 Heisman Trophy winner Pat Sullivan, who died December 1, 2019. The "AU" logo remained on the right side during this game.


? - 1962? 1962 1963
1964 - 1965 1965; 1967? 1966
1967 1967 1967
1968 1969? - 1970? 1970
1971 - 1975 1976 - 1978 September 30, 2006
'B' (and 'B1')
November 28, 2009;
December 5, 2009
October 30, 2010 2015 -
*see note 1 below
'C' 'D' 'A'
October 14, 2017 October 5, 2019 1979 -
*see note 2 below
'E' 'F' 'G'
2020 - 2020 - 2020 -

During recent years Florida has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

Florida's helmet history during the 1960s is complicated by the fact that the team switched between blue and white helmets more than once, apparently in mid-season on at least one or two occasions, and helmet stripes were added or dropped frequently. The dates listed above for the mid- to late-1960s are for now very approximate.

During the very early 1960s, white helmets were used; each of these had a single stripe of some unknown color (I think probably orange) and numerals on the sides that were also of a color that I cannot yet identify (but I would guess that they were probably blue or black). At some point during the 1962 season the numerals were moved to the fronts of the helmets and replaced on the sides by "Confederate Battle Flags"; below are photos of this design:

This design was probably used during just one game, the Gator Bowl vs Penn State. The stripe color and front numeral color remain unknown.

At least three different helmet designs were used in 1967. During the first six games, the helmet logo visible in the photograph below was used; I do not know the color of either the "F" or the football shape that surrounds it, so I would appreciate any color photographs from this year. Two different stripe sequences were used with this design, a single orange stripe for the first two games, and a blue-orange-blue sequence for the next four games. For Florida's seventh game of the 1967 season vs. Georgia, the "F" logo was replaced with players' uniform numerals of some unknown color, probably blue, but perhaps black or some other color. The numerals were also used for the team's next three games.

*1 Design 'B' has the script "Gators" logo on its left side only; the right side has a blue "F" logo (as shown below). Design 'B1' has the 'Gators' logo on both sides.

*2 This design has uniform numerals on its left side only and a "gator head" logo on its right side (as shown below).


1962 (some games) 1960 - 1963 1964 - c.1977
*see note 1 below
December 29, 1991 1996 - 2000 October 31, 2009
*see note 2 below *see note 3 below
September 3, 2011 c.1978 - 1995; 2001 -
*see note 4 below

I am not aware of Georgia having used any helmet logo other than the traditional oval "G", and the earlier block "G" that was used during the 1962 season, during the period covered by this site (1960 to present). I believe this is one of the few teams for which the set of historical helmets represented at this site is complete.

*1 The red "G" logo was not used during all games in 1962. It is visible in photographs from games against Florida State and an unknown team in plain white helmets, but is not seen in photos from the Clemson and Florida games.

*2 This helmet design was apparently used by Georgia only during its appearance in the 1991 Independence Bowl against Arkansas.

*3 Black helmets were worn during the 2009 game against Florida played in Jacksonville, FL.

*4 The white stripe on the "2001 - present" helmet is slightly wider than that used in 1995 and earlier; I did not think the difference was great enough to warrant a seperate helmet image here.


1960 - 1961 1962 only? 1963 - 1968
*see note 1 below
1969 1970 - 1971 1972
1973 - 1974 1975 - c.1981 c.1981 - 1989
*see note 2 below
1990 - c.1992 c.1990 - 1996 1997 - 2002
*see note 3 below
October 2, 2004 2001 - 2010 2011 - 2015
*see note 4 below
'A' 'C' 'D'
2011 - 2013 2014 - 2015 2014 - 2015
'E' 'F' 'G'
2014 - 2015 2016 - 2016 -
'H' 'I' 'J'
2016 - 2016 - 2017 -
'K' 'L' 'M'
2018 - 2018 - 2019 -

During recent years Kentucky has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

Kentucky used both blue and white helmets in 2001 and 2002. The team first used the blue "UK" helmet for the team's fourth game of the 2001 season, a home match against Mississippi. The blue helmets were used for five games altogether during 2001: Sep. 29 vs Mississippi; Oct. 6 at South Carolina; Oct 20 at Georgia; Nov. 10 at Vanderbilt; Nov. 17 vs Tennessee. During the 2002 season, the blue helmets were used during these six games: Sep. 14 vs Indiana; Oct. 12 vs South Carolina; Oct. 19 at Arkansas; Nov. 2 at Mississippi State; Nov. 16 vs Vanderbilt; Nov. 30 at Tennessee.

During at least 1960 and 1961, white helmets were used; these had players' uniform numerals on the sides and a single stripe, both of which were of some unknown dark color (very probably blue; a color photograph would be appreciated).

It would appear that the team used plain blue helmets in 1969 - no stripes or logos are visible on the helmets in the two photographs that I have from that season. I do not have any color photographs, so it is unclear whether the team was still using the relatively light blue shells that were in use earlier.

*1 Apparently throughout the period when these helmet numerals were in use (1963 - 1968), they were worn only on the left sides of the helmets; on the right sides was a "wildcat head" logo (below is a close-up photo). The logo was unusually intricate for the time, with the cat's head apparently depicted in several gradients of some unknown color (perhaps gray or light blue) and with at least some black parts, and red or pink in the cat's mouth. I would greatly appreciate a large, clear color photograph of this helmet design.

*2 Blue facemasks may have not been used until 1983, but a switch to a relatively light royal blue color was apparently made when Jerry Claiborne became head coach in 1982.

*3 This design was used by the entire Kentucky team beginning in about 1993, but as early as perhaps mid-season 1990, Coach Bill Curry began rewarding his players for outstanding performances with the right to wear this design.

*4 This design was used during a home game in 2004 against Ohio.


c.mid 1960s - 1971 1972 - 1976 1977 - c.1979
*see note 1 below
December 28, 1997;
September 29, 2007;
October 15, 2016;
September 30, 2017
November 28, 2009 October 22, 2011;
October 10, 2015;
November 21, 2015
*see note 2 below
September 17, 2016 September 29, 2018 October 20, 2018
c.1980 -

I have seen a small number of photographs from the year 1970 showing another possible helmet design for LSU - the "tiger head" logo appears inside a purple circle, with the letters "LSU" beneath the tiger and outside the circle. However, none of these photographs are from a game situation, and I doubt that this design was ever actually used by the team during a football game.

*1 Different styles of numerals than those shown on this helmet were used earlier during the 1960s; this block style was used from at least 1967 onwards.

*2 White-shelled helmets were used by LSU during the team's 1997 Independence Bowl matchup against Notre Dame. It had been reported to me that this design was also used during the October 5, 1996 game against Vanderbilt, but I subsequently received this contradictory report: "In 1995, new coach Gerry DiNardo petitioned the NCAA to let LSU wear its traditional white jerseys. The NCAA granted the request, but had one condition: the home team had to request permission from the visitors to wear white. Every team granted that wish in '95. In '96, Vanderbilt came to Baton Rouge, and they had been in an ugly separation with DiNardo, who was fired by Vandy in '94. To be difficult, Vanderbilt denied LSU's request, so LSU came out and wore gold jerseys with white numbers outlined in purple, and plain white pants. The headgear stayed the same"..."I am an LSU season ticket holder, and I was at both games." (thanks J.N.)

This design was again used during the 2007 game against Tulane "as part of a Nike promotion benefiting Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts".


c.1960s 1969 1970 - ?
? - 1978 1979 - 1982 November 4, 1989
*see note 1 below
'B' 'C' 'D'
1983 - 1994;
September 27, 2014;
2015 -
2017 - 2017 -
'E' 'F' 'G'
2018 - 2018 - 2020 -
1995 -

During recent years Mississippi has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

It is somewhat difficult to summarize the helmet history for this team, due to the fact that the team has apparently made several changes to the blue color used on the helmets through the years, and some of these changes were quite minor. For the purpose of this web site, I have lumped these color changes into just two shades, the navy blue that has been used most of the time since 1995, and a much-lighter "powder blue" that was used during at least two earlier periods. Based on photographic evidence, it appears that the helmets were a rather light blue color throughout the 1960s (with the apparent exception of 1969), the early 1970s, and from 1983 through 1994. The light blue color apparently varied to some extent from one year to the next, as different mixtures of paint were used on the helmets. Darker helmets were used from at least 1975 through 1982, and from 1995 to present. The navy helmets used in recent years may be somewhat darker than those used during the earlier period.

*1 During the 1989 home game against LSU, the entire team wore the numerals "38" on the left sides of their helmets as a tribute to team member Chucky Mullins, who had suffered a severe spinal injury the previous week during a game against Vanderbilt; 38 was Mullins' uniform number.


1951 - 1962 1963 - 1965 1966 - 1968
1969 - 1971 1972 1973 - 1977
1978 1979 - 1985 1986 - 1988
1989 - 1995 2000 - 2002 November 27, 2003
*see note 1 below
1996 - 2003 November 1, 2008 2004 - 2008
'B' 'C'
2009 - 2010 2011 2011
'D' 'A' 'E'
2011 - 2012; 2014 2011 2012
'F' 'G' 'H'
2012 2012 - 2014 2012
'I' 'J' 'K'
2013 2013 2014
'L' 'M' 'N'
2015 - 2017 2015 - 2016 - 2017
'O' 'P' 'Q'
2018 2018 - 2018
'R' 'S' 'T'
2019 - 2019 - 2020 -
'U' 'V'
2020 - 2020 -

During recent years Mississippi State has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

  • 2020: O-O-O; O-O-T; O-U-O; V-O (the last game being vs Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl at Fort Worth, TX)
  • 2019: M-M-P; M-R-M; M-R-M; M-R-S; M (the last game being vs Louisville in the Music City Bowl at Nashville, TN)
  • 2018: O-M-P; P-P-P; M-P-P; M-Q-M; P (the last game being vs Iowa in the Outback Bowl at Tampa, FL)
  • 2017: L-L-L; M-L-L; L-L-N; N-M-L; L (the last game being vs Louisville in the Tax Slayer Bowl at Jacksonville, FL)
  • 2016: L-L-L; N-L-N; M-L-N; L-N-M; L (the last game being vs Miami (OH) in the St. Petersburg Bowl at St. Petersburg, FL)
  • 2015: L-L-L; L-L-L; L-L-M; L-L-M; L (the last game being vs North Carolina State in the Belk Bowl at Charlotte, NC)
  • 2014: D-E-G; D-D-D; G-D-D; G-D-K; D (the last game being vs Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl at Miami Gardens, FL)
  • 2013: I-E-G; E-E-E; I-G-E; E-E-J; E (the last game being vs Rice in the Liberty Bowl at Memphis, TN)
  • 2012: E-E-G; E-G-E; E-E-F; E-E-D; H (the last game being vs Northwestern in the Gator Bowl at Jacksonvlle, FL)
  • 2011: A-A-A; A-B-A; B-B-A; A-A-C; D (the last game being vs Wake Forest in the Music City Bowl at Nashville, TN)

The photograph below (from the university's 1966 yearbook) enabled me to match the helmet logo with the one shown and thus add this helmet to the website - one that had been "missing" for roughly 18 years. To the best of my knowledge, the above are all of the "known" helmet designs for MSU since 1960.

*1 This design was first used for MSU's appearance in the 2000 Independence Bowl against Texas A&M. It was subsequently used in games during the 2001 regular season vs Memphis, at Florida, vs LSU, and at Arkansas; and again 2002 at Oregon and at Mississippi.


1969 1958? - 1970 1971 - 1977
*see note 1 below
1980 - 1981 1983 - 1984 1990
*see note 2 below
1978 - 1979; 1982;
1985 - 1995
November 28, 2009 1996 - 2011
'B' 'C' 'D'
2012 - 2013 - 2014 -
'A' 'E' 'F'
2012 - 2015 2017 -
'G' 'H' 'I'
2017 - 2017 - 2018 -
'J' 'K' 'L'
2018 - 2018 - 2018 -
'M' 'N' 'O'
2018 - 2018 - 2018 -
'P' 'Q' 'R'
2018 - 2018 - 2019 -
'S' 'T' 'U'
2019 - 2019 - 2019 -
'V' 'W' 'X'
2019 - 2019 - 2019 -
'Y' 'Z' 'AA'
2019 - 2019 - 2020 -
2020 -

During recent years Missouri has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

  • 2020: Y-Y-W; AA-AB-V; AA-AA-AA; W
  • 2019: R-S-T; Y-U-V; W-X-Y; Z-V-R
  • 2018: F-F-I; J-K-J; L-A-M; N-P-O; Q (the last game being vs Oklahoma State in the Liberty Bowl at Memphis, TN)
  • 2017: A-B-B; A-F-F; G-B-D; H-A-D; A (the last game being vs Texas in the Texas Bowl at Houston, TX)
  • 2016: C-A-B; A-C-A; A-A-A; A-A-D
  • 2015: A-A-A; A-B-A; B-A-C; E-D-A
  • 2014: A-A-A; A-C-B; C-B-B; A-A-D; A-A (the last two games being vs Alabama in the SEC Championship Game at Atlanta, GA, and vs Minnesota in the Citrus Bowl at Orlando, FL)
  • 2013: A-A-C; A-A-A; B-C-A; A-A-B; A-B (the last two games being vs Auburn in the SEC Championship Game at Atlanta, GA, and vs Oklahoma State in the Cotton Bowl at Arlington, TX)
  • 2012: A-B-A; B-A-A; A-B-A; A-A-A

In 1969, Missouri used a version of the "100" decal that many teams used that year in recognition of college football's 100th anniversary. Missouri's version featured a dark-colored football shape with a light-colored outline and light-colored numerals. It appears to have been worn only on the left sides of the helmets, with players' numerals worn on the right sides. Below is a photo of the 1969 helmet:

*1 This design has been reported as being used at least as early as 1958. The 1956 helmet was similar, but lacked the numerals.

*2 The decal shown on this helmet was actually worn only on the right sides of the helmets in 1990, with the left side appearing as on the next helmet. This special decal contained text (not legible at this size) reading "*100* YEARS" (along the top of the football-shape) and "UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI" (along the bottom).


1956 - 1960 1961 - 1962 1963
1964 - 1965 1964 - 1965 1966 - 1967
*see note 1 below *see note 1 below
1968 1969 - 1974 1970 - 1974 (seniors)
*see note 2 below
1975 - 1981 1982 1983 - 1988
*see note 3 below *see note 4 below
1989 - 1998;
November 28, 2015
1999 - 2000 2004
*see note 5 below
October 1, 2011 November 14, 2015 2000 - 2003; 2005 -
*see note 6 below
'B' 'C' 'D'
2016 - 2016 - 2018 -
'E' 'F'
2019 - 2020 -

During recent years South Carolina has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

  • 2020: C-F-F; C-F-F; C-E-F; C
  • 2019: A-E-A; C-E-E; A-E-A; C-A-C
  • 2018: D-D-A; A-D-A; C-C-D; A-A-D; C (the last game being vs Virginia in the Belk Bowl at Charlotte, NC)
  • 2017: C-B-C; B-A-C; C-A-B; A-B-C; C (the last game being vs Michigan in the Outback Bowl at Tampa, FL)
  • 2016: B-B-C; A-C-A; A-C-C; B-A-C; C (the last game being vs South Florida in the Birmingham Bowl at Birmingham, AL)

*1 Both of these designs were apparently used during both 1964 and 1965.

*2 South Carolina Head Coach Paul Dietzel awarded black helmets to his senior players during at least parts of the 1973 and 1974 seasons, possibly only for the annual games against Clemson. I have also received some photographs from games during the 1970 and 1972 seasons in which at least some USC players are wearing black helmets like this one, but without the stripe.

*3 The size of the logo may have varied somewhat during these years.

*4 The 1982 helmet featured an "asymmetric" stripe sequence: the white middle stripe was bordered by a red or garnet stripe on the left, and by a black stripe on the right.

*5 During at least the 1996 season, a "special teams player of the week" was "awarded" with the opportunity to wear a single, rather wide white stripe on his helmet during the team's next game (this variety not represented here since it was used by only a single player during any game).

*6 A mid-season switch to this design was made for the fourth game of the 2000 season. A slight widening of the garnet stripes may have been made for the 2001 season.


c.1950s - 1961 1962 1963
1965 1964 - 1966 1973
*see note 1 below *see note 2 below
1967 - 1976 1977 - 1982 October 10, 2015;
September 24, 2016;
December 30, 2016;
September 30, 2017
1983 -
*see note 3 below

Like several other SEC teams, Tennessee has used basically the same design for many years; I believe this set is complete for the period covered by this site (1960 to present).

*1 A black cross was added to the logo for the last few games of the 1965 season as a tribute to three assistant coaches (Charlie Rash, Bill Majors, and Bob Jones) who lost their lives as a result of a train/automobile collision which occurred in West Knoxville on October 18.

*2 The orange-white-orange stripe sequence was apparently used only during the last three games of the 1973 season.

*3 The orange stripe was narrower from 2004 through 2006, though I have not attempted to depict the change here, since the difference would be imperceptible at this image size.


1959 - 1962 1963 1964
1965 - 1971 1972 - 1977 1978
*see note 1 below
1978 1999 - 2003 1979 - 1998; 2004 - 2006
*see note 1 below
October 2, 2009;
November 14, 2009
November 26, 2009 2007 - 2011
*see note 2 below *see note 3 below
'E' 'F' 'G'
November 3, 2012 November 2, 2013 November 23, 2013;
November 30, 2013
'C' 'D' 'B'
October 4, 2014 November 1, 2014 2012 -
'A' 'H' 'I'
2012 - 2015 2015
'J' 'K' 'L'
2016 2017 - 2018 -

During recent years Texas A&M has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

  • 2019: A (entire season)
  • 2018: A-A-A; A-A-L; A-A-A; A-A-A; A (the last game being vs North Carolina State in the Gator Bowl at Jacksonville, FL)
  • 2017: B-A-A; A-B-B; A-K-B; A-A-A; B (the last game being vs Wake Forest in the Belk Bowl at Charlotte, NC)
  • 2016: A-F-B; A-J-A; A-A-A; B-A-A; A (the last game being vs Kansas State in the Texas Bowl at Houston, TX)
  • 2015: A-A-A; B-A-A; B-H-A; A-I-H; B (the last game being vs Louisville in the Music City Bowl at Nashville, TN)
  • 2014: B-A-A; A-B-C; A-B-D; A-A-A; B (the last game being vs West Virginia in the Liberty Bowl at Memphis, TN)
  • 2013: A-A-B; A-A-B; A-A-F; A-G-G; A (the last game being vs Duke in the Chick-fil-A Bowl at Atlanta, GA)
  • 2012: A-A-A; A-A-A; A-A-E; B-A-B; B (the last game being vs Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl at Arlington, TX)

*1 During the 1978 season the two maroon stripes were present for all of the team's games except the Texas game and the Hall of Fame Bowl game against Iowa State.

*2 This design was worn during the 2009 game against Arkansas played in Arlington, Texas, and during the 2009 game at Oklahoma.

*3 A special helmet logo was worn during the 2009 home game against Texas; the logo added a "ribbon" to the traditional "aTm" logo as a tribute to the victims of the 1999 bonfire collapse which caused the deaths of twelve Texas A&M students. The text on the ribbon reads "1999-2009".


? - 1965 1966 - 1968 1969
1969 - 1972 1973 - 1975 1976 - 1978
1979 - 1983 1984 - 1985 1987
*see note 1 below
1986 - 1989 1990 1991 - 1998
'B' 'C'
1999 - 2001 2011 - 2014 2012 - 2013
'D' 'A' 'E'
2014 2002 - 2016 2015 -
'F' 'G' 'H'
2015 - 2015 - 2017 -
'I' 'J' 'K'
2018 - 2019 - 2020 -
2020 -

During recent years Vanderbilt has used the following sequences of helmet designs:

  • 2020: H-K-E; K-E-E; L-H-K
  • 2019: E-H-J; E-J-H; E-H-H; J-E-E
  • 2018: E-G-G; H-E-E; H-H-E; E-I-E; E (the last game being vs Baylor in the Texas Bowl at Houston, TX)
  • 2017: G-E-H; H-G-E; E-H-E; F-E-E
  • 2016: G-F-E; A-E-E; E-A-E; G-E-F; E (the last game being vs North Carolina State in the Independence Bowl at Shreveport, LA)
  • 2015: E-F-E; G-A-E; A-G-E; E-F-E
  • 2014: B-D-B; A-A-D; A-B-D; B-B-B
  • 2013: B-A-B; A-B-C; A-C-C; B-B-A; B (the last game being vs Houston in the BBVA Compass Bowl at Birmingham, AL)
  • 2012: B-C-A; A-C-B; A-C-C; C-B-C; B (the last game being vs NC State in the Music City Bowl at Nashville, TN)
  • 2011: A-B-A; B-A-B; B-A-B; B-A-A; A (the last of these being vs Cincinnati in the Liberty Bowl at Memphis, TN)

In 1969 Vanderbilt used a version of the "100" college football centennial logo during at least two games (vs Alabama and Kentucky). I have very few photograph from this season and the extent to which these decals were used is unclear. In one photograph from the Alabama game the "100" logo is visible on both of the two Vanderbilt helmet left sides which are visible, while the star logo is present on the right side of a third helmet. A second photograph from the Alabama game shows the star logo on the right side of the only visible Vanderbilt helmet. A single photograph from the Kentucky game shows only the left side of one Vanderbilt helmet, on which the "100" logo is present. A black stripe also appears to be present on each of these helmets.

*1 The number 73 was worn on the left side of all Vanderbilt football helmets in 1987 in memory of team member Paul Lomanto, who had worn uniform number 73 prior to his death that year. The numbers were worn on the left side only; the right side had the same star logo as was worn on both sides of the helmets in 1986 and 1988 - 1989.