Sooner Athletic Conference

"Firestorm" "Lions" "Scots"
Phoenix, AZ Langston, OK Batesville, AR
"Aggies" "Spirit" "Lions"
Goodwell, OK Surprise, AZ Waxahachie, TX
"Steers" "Rams" "Pioneers"
Tyler, TX Fort Worth, TX Plainview, TX


This conference is sponsoring football for the first time in 2018. Eight of these teams were in the Central States Football League in 2017; the other team, Ottawa University Arizona, is a new team playing its first season of football in 2018. Bacone was expected to be a member of this conference but the school announced in May 2018 that it would be closing; helmet images for Bacone have been moved to the page for 'Defunct College Teams' (near the bottom of the index).

Wayland Baptist is using a new helmet design in 2018 (shown above).

Historical Helmets


2014 -
September 9, 2017
September 16, 2017 -

This team played its first season of football in 2014.


1998 2002 2003
1997; 1999; ? - 2001;
2004 (some games)
2004? - ? ? - 2011
2012 2013 -
September 20, 2014
September 27, 2014
*see note 1 below
'A' 'B' 'C'
October 4, 2014(?) - 2015 2015 2016
*see note 1 below
'D' 'E' 'F'
2016 2016 2016
*see note 2 below *see note 3 below
'G' 'H' 'I'
2017 - 2017 - 2017 -
*see note 4 below

In 2017 Langston used at least three different helmet designs in the following order: G-I-G; G-H-?; G-G-G; H-G (no information for game #6 vs Texas College).

In 2016 Langston used: C-E-D; D-D-E; F-?-E (no information for game #8 vs Lyon).

In 2015 Langston used: B-?-A; ?-?-A; ?-A-?; B.

Langston has a history of switching helmet designs very often and the team has likely used several other designs besides those mentioned here, particularly during the period from about 1999 to 2012.

In 2002 and 2003 the team used navy blue helmets shells, with a different "LU" logo each year (the 2003 logo shown in the photograph below). The 2002 logo may not have been worn during all of the team's games - "plain" blue helmets may have been used occasionally.

Langston may have used plain orange helmets several additional times from about 2004 through 2012.

*1 Langston switched to blue helmets for game #4 of the 2014 season (at Hardin-Simmons), having used the 2013 helmet design for the first three games of 2014. During game #4 at least two different "LU" logos were in use by Langston, both of which may be seen in the photograph below. The one represented above appeared to be the more predominant one based on a limited number of available photographs. I was unable to locate photographs for all of the teams games in 2014, but the helmets were blue during at least games #4, 6, and 10, and the team had switched to a blue "LU" logo with orange outline by at least game #6.

*2 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; the right side has a "lion" logo (as represented below).

*3 Uniform numerals are worn on the left side only of this design; the right side has a "lion" logo (as represented below).

*4 The lion logo is worn on the left side only of this design; the right side has blue uniform numerals (as represented below).


'A' 'B'
2015 - 2016 2017 - 2017 -
*see note 1 below

In 2017 Lyon used two of the above designs in the following sequence: A-B-A; B-A-A; B-B-A; B-A.

This team played its first season of football in 2015.

*1 Uniform numerals are present on the left side only of this design; the right side has a logo (as represented below).


? - 1999? 2000? - 2001 2002
2003 2004 2005
2006 2007 - 2010 2011
2012 -
October 5, 2013
October 12, 2013-
November 9, 2013
*see note 1 below *see note 2 below
2015 2016 2017 -

In 2005, OPSU used red helmets with the letters "OPSU" in white on the sides; I will need a copy of the helmet logo in order to draw this helmet and add it to the web site. Below is a photo of the 2005 OPSU helmet - the 2006 helmet was apparently similar, but lacked the white stripe (at least during the game vs. Pittsburg State).

*1 This design featured an asymmetrical stripe sequence - the white middle stripe is flanked by a red stripe on the left side, and by a blue stripe on the right side. It was used during the first six games of the 2013 season.

*2 First worn during the 2013 home game against Texas College, this design was used during the last five games in 2013.


? - 1999 2000 only(?) 2001?
2002 2003 - 2005 2006 - 2012
2013 - 2014 2015 -
*see note 1 below

*1 This design features numerals on its left side only; the right side has the same "lion head" logo which was used in 2013 and 2014.


2003 2005 - 2010 2011 (early season)
*see note 1 below
2011 - 2012 2013 - 2014 2015 - 2016
*see note 2 below
2017 -

Texas College had a football team from at least 1950 through 1961, at which point the team was discontinued and not restored until 2003. The 2003 team may have been a club-level team rather than a varsity team.

*1 Helmet decals were absent during at least games #1 (August 27 at Belhaven), #2 (September 3 at Lamar), and #4 (September 17 at Texas Southern) of the 2011 season. The circular helmet logo was in use during the September 24, 2011 home game against Northwestern Oklahoma State.

*2 During at least some games of the 2016 season the "TC" logo was worn only on the left side of each helmet while uniform numerals were worn on the right side (as represented below).


2017 -

2017 was the first season for this team.


2012 - 2015 2016 - 2017 2018 -
*see note 1 below *see note 1 below

Football was reinstated at WBU in 2012; the school had last had a football team in 1940.

*1 The logo is worn on the left side only of both these designs; uniform numerals are worn on the right side (as represented below).