In order to add a new helmet to the web site, I need a photograph of one of the helmets

A photograph is necessary to show the size of the helmet decal (if there is one) relative to the helmet shell, as well as its correct placement and orientation - experience has demonstrated that it is not possible to represent these things accurately without a photograph for reference. Photographs keep me from having to re-draw things, which I have had to do too many times already. If your helmet decals are not in yet and you can't yet take a picture of a helmet with the new decal, we will have to wait until they do come in, and then you can send me a photograph of the new helmet design.

Please do not send any of the following - I cannot use any of these in place of a photograph of an actual helmet!

A photograph of the helmet is one of the two things that I need in order to create a helmet image, the other being a copy of the helmet logo (if there is one).