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Historical Helmets


2002 - 2022 -

2002 was the Houston Texans first season in the NFL.


1978 - 1994 1995 - 2003 November 25, 2004
*see note 1 below
August 15, 2010;
November 7, 2010
October 22, 2023 1957 - 1977; 2004 -
*see note 2 below

The Colts franchise was based in Baltimore, MD through the 1983 season. The blue color used on the helmets is reported to have been made slightly darker beginning in 2003, as compared with that which was used previously.

*1 This helmet design was worn during a Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit in 2004. The helmet featured two blue horseshoe decals on the back sides of the helmets (not visible from the viewpoint used at this web site); this was intended to resemble the helmets used by the team in 1956.

*2 Worn during a preseason game against San Francisco and a regular-season game at Philadelphia in 2010. This design includes two white 'horseshoes' at the back of the helmet (not visible from the vantage point used at this website). Below is a photograph of this design.


1995 - 2012 2013 - 2017 2018 -

The Jaguars entered the NFL in 1995 and the first helmet design shown above is the only one the team ever used during any preseason or regular season game until the 2013 season. Two earlier prototype designs which utilized silver helmet shells were never used during any regular-season or preseason game.

TENNESSEE TITANS including Houston/Tennessee Oilers

1960 - 1963; 1994 special;
some games in 2009
1964 - 1965 1966 - 1970
*See note 1 below
1971 1972 - 1974 1975 - 1980
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1981 - 1998 1999 - 2017 2018 -
*see note 3 below

This team was based in Houston, TX and known as the Oilers through the 1996 season. The team played 1997 in Memphis, TN and 1998 in Nashville, TN, as the Tennessee Oilers. For the 1999 season, the team was renamed the Tennessee Titans.

*1 The Tennessee Titans used this design during four games in 2009: August 9 (pre-season Hall of Fame game against Buffalo, played in Canton, OH); September 27 (at New York Jets); October 18 (at New England); and November 15 (vs Buffalo).

*2 On some of these 1971 helmets, during some games, a gap was present between the blue and red stripes, effectively creating an additional silver stripe.

*3 A decal partially incorporating the design of the state flag of Tennessee was worn on the lower right side of this helmet, towards the back, during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.