In order to add a new helmet to the web site, I need a copy of the helmet logo

I have to have a copy of the helmet logo in order to create the helmet drawing - during the drawing process, the logo image is reduced in size and distorted before being copied onto a "blank" helmet image. Below are some examples of what I mean by a "copy of the logo":

Please notice that these are not photographs! The size of these is about the smallest I can use; anything smaller might not work well, but there is no need to send me a huge multi-megabyte file.

Equally useful would be a scanned image of an actual helmet decal, such as the one below:

Taking as an example the 2005 Baker University helmet (shown in the photograph below:)

If I did not have a copy of the helmet logo, I would have to either try to draw the logo directly onto a blank helmet image myself, as seen in drawing (A) below, or cut the logo out from a photograph, and paste it onto a helmet, as shown in drawing (B) below. Obviously both of these look terrible, and I do not want to populate the web site with such abominable rubbish, so you can see why I must be able to start with a copy of the correct helmet logo to come up with a decent representation of any helmet. I do not want your team's helmet image to look like trash!

Please provide a copy of the logo in one of these file formats: .BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .TIF. I do not have software to open .DOC files!

And please do not send stuff like the picture below. This is obviously just a section of a helmet photograph from which the surrounding helmet has been erased - this does not count as a "copy of the helmet logo"! I cannot use something like this to come up with a decent helmet image - the logo needs to be "clean" and "undistorted".

I also cannot use stuff like what you see in the pictures below:

These are not "copies of the helmet logo" as was defined above - these are drawings of helmets done by other people. I cannot use the logos on these pictures because they are much too small and are distorted. There is no reason whatsoever to send me a drawing of a helmet.

The helmet logo is one of the two things that I need in order to create a helmet image, the other being a photograph of the helmet. Please send the logo to the email address appearing at the top of the main page of this web site.