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Welcome to the 2002 Preseason Encyclopedia. The new Top 25 post-spring update is now complete in an entirely different format.. Please check back in three weeks for the remaining Top 50 update.
QB Ken Dorsey returns to defend the Hurricane title.

1. Miami FL
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas
4. Florida State
5. Tennessee
6. Florida
7. Colorado
8. Oregon
9. Washington
10. Nebraska
11. Washington State
12. Louisiana State
13. Georgia
14. Michigan
15. Texas A&M
16. Ohio State
17. Maryland
18. Virginia Tech
19. Louisville
20. Michigan State
21. Marshall
22. South Carolina
23. Illinois
24. Alabama
25. Auburn

The rest of the Top 50
(complete post-spring updates released as they are completed)
  26. Boston College
27. Notre Dame
28. Arkansas
29. Penn State
30. Mississippi
31. Purdue
32. Southern Cal
33. Wisconsin
34. Georgia Tech
35. Pittsburgh
36. North Carolina State
37. Southern Miss
38. Clemson
39. Texas Tech
40. North Carolina
41. UCLA
42. Kansas State
43. Iowa State
44. Brigham Young
45. Syracuse
46. Hawaii
47. Utah
48. Cincinnati
49. Oregon State
50. Colorado State
West Virginia, South Florida, Boise State, Iowa, Texas Christian, Fresno State, Virginia, Arizona, Mississippi State, East Carolina, Bowling Green, Toledo
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NOTES: is proud to present the new look 2002 College Football Preseason Encyclopedia. Many of the depth charts you see now are official spring releases, some post-spring and some pre-spring. As information changes so will the previews. We are also experimenting with different formats. Some of the teams will take on an offensive and defensive, strengths and concerns breakdown, while others display individual position analysis. Many, if not most, of the wonderful digital photos used have been properly credited and approved. If you feel there has been an indiscretion, please notify the webmaster immediately to resolve the matter. Due to time constraints, it has been impossible to quote all sources involved. Again, the teams ranked from #26 - #50 still reflect the winter previews. A complete update will be forth coming in the new format. We hope you enjoy the information.
How do we determine the rankings? If some of you are wondering what that calculation may be, you can click HERE for an article entailing last season's formula. If your team doesn't rank high, but still has the qualified personnel to make a great run, your team probably ranks high on Issue #3 (INTANGIBLE MEASUREMENT). You may also want to refer to the NCS Averages Poll to see how your team ranks in all of the major listings.

So it looks like the Big 12 rules once again next season as Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and Nebraska fill out Top Ten spots. Not too shabby. But the top six or seven spots are really tight as any of the teams listed could easily be interchanged with one another. So tight, that Miami, even with major losses, has been labeled the Preseason #1 squad. Until someone beats them, they deserve the ranking. Underclassmen heading to the NFL wreaked havoc for many of the 2002 top dogs and all of college football. This year's DARK HORSE pick goes to Texas A&M with 16 to possibly 17 starters returning. Also falling under that category will be Marshall and Cincinnati. Keep an eye out for the Herd in 2002.

As the summer rolls on we hope to have many more additions, including the top 5 unit rankings for 2002. And as tradition goes, the 2003 Preview will be released at Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy this year's version! Thank you for visiting.