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MEDIA SCOPE - Sept. 16
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TOP 25 - by Ricky Sixx

1. Oklahoma ( 8-0 ) - Again, the Sooners take care of business and they did it while looking like the #1 team in the country.

2. Miami ( 8-0 ) - Having a hard time understanding this team as anyone else. Winning has made this team looked bored on the field.

3. Ohio State ( 10-0 ) - What a shame we don't get to see this team play Iowa. But you cannot complain about how they have handled the teams on their schedule. Ohio State appears to be playing as well as they did back in September.

4. Washington State ( 8-1 ) - The Cougars really separated themselves from the rest of the "Pac" with a very impressive win over Arizona State. The Rose Bowl is definitely in reach…is an outside shot at the National Championship possible?

5. Iowa ( 9-1 ) - With Notre Dame locking up a BCS bid, how sad it would be if the Hawkeyes couldn't somehow land that remaining at-large BCS slot should they win out? Iowa fans will be cheering for the Boilermakers to pull out the upset over the Buckeyes, which would give the Big Ten title to Iowa City.

6. Georgia ( 8-1 ) - Injuries finally caught up to the Bulldogs. They still control their own destiny in the SEC, but the schedule doesn't get any easier.

7. Alabama ( 7-2 ) - After a bye week, the Crimson Tide prepare to face a tough LSU defense and guess who is cheering for the Tide? That's right, their friends at Auburn.

8. Notre Dame ( 8-1 ) - If Notre Dame was going to lose this year; it was clearly going to be in the same manner by which it had been winning (turnovers and bad calls). Looks like God was once again an Eagle fan in the "Vatican Bowl."

9. USC ( 6-2 ) - There isn't a two-loss team playing any better than the Trojans. They need to take care of the next three conference games before they start thinking about Notre Dame.

10. Texas ( 8-1 ) Again the Longhorns win another quality game. Again the Longhorns fail to look impressive in doing so. Texas has yet to separate themselves from the rest of the one-loss teams.

11. Virginia Tech ( 8-1 ) - With the unexpected loss to Pittsburgh, the Hokies are now sitting in third place in the Big East. Gator Bowl is now more likely than not.

12. Kansas State ( 7-2 ) - I don't think there is a team in the country more unforgiving when it comes to playing lesser teams. The Cats may be the only team in the Big 12 maintaining the personnel that can give Oklahoma all they can handle.

13. Michigan ( 7-2 ) - Think Michigan was a little upset over last year's loss to Michigan State? For a second, I thought Elvis Grbac, Desmond Howard, and Tyrone Wheatley were suited up in Maize and Blue.

14. Penn State ( 6-3 ) - Probably the best three-loss team in the country. If Joe Paterno could only pull out the close game, he would probably be in the top 10 with the rest of the once defeated.

15. Louisiana State ( 6-2 ) - This team is potentially better then the record shows. Without a healthy Matt Mauck at quarterback, LSU's offense could continue to struggle. Alabama will decide whether LSU or Auburn wins the SEC West.

16. Oregon ( 7-2 ) - The Duck's season hangs in the balance with a trip to Pullman. If they can beat the Cougars, the slim hopes of winning the Pac 10 title while finishing with their second consecutive 10+ win season is within grasp.

17. Florida ( 6-3 ) - Wins over Tennessee and Georgia were definitely on the Gator fan wish lists. Coach Zook has certainly delivered. If only he could beat those pesky teams in the SEC West.

18. Pittsburgh ( 7-2 ) - With a little bit of luck and some motivation, the Pittsburgh Panthers went from near fourth place in the Big East to a possible shot at winning the conference. They must do the unthinkable by beating Miami on the road. The overtime win over a solid BC team propelled the Panthers to a huge upset win in Blacksburg and a feasible shot at a BCS bowl.

19. NC State ( 9-1 ) - It was only a matter of time until the Wolfpack lost a game. After playing a series of softies in their first eight bouts, North Carolina State finally ran into the wrong team on the wrong day. Amazingly, they still control their own destiny and a magical BCS season is still possible.

20. Florida State ( 6-3 ) - The Adrian McPherson era has officially started. After a rocky start, the Seminole ship is going in the right direction. Despite the three out-of-conference losses, BCS hopes are still alive if Florida State can get past a few tricky ACC games.

21. Colorado State ( 8-2 ) - Talk about sneaking up on everyone quietly. The Rams are a quiet 8-2 with solid wins over Virginia, Colorado, Louisville, and Utah. Sonny Lubbick controls his own destiny in the Mountain West conference.

22. Colorado ( 6-3 ) - The Buffs gave a good effort in Norman while demonstrating the ability to move the ball. However, Colorado must limit turnovers the next time they play Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game.

23. Boston College ( 6-3 ) - We could very well be talking about a Top 10 team if the Eagles would not have blown opportunities against Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh. Still, you have to be impressed at how they beat Notre Dame at their own game.

24. Bowling Green ( 8-0 ) - The Falcons are still undefeated, but not capable of moving up unless they can start hanging a hundred on their opponents. Minus stiff competition additions on short notice, the Falcons will just end up being an undefeated after thought.

25. Maryland ( 7-2 ) - Last time we even paid attention to Maryland they were 1-2 after getting shellacked by Florida State. Nearly two months later, the Terps have won six in a row and just handed North Carolina the biggest blow out the ACC has seen since Florida State did the same thing to Maryland in 2000.

Just outside the top 25: Iowa State, Auburn, Arizona State, Tennessee



Editor: Dave Hershorin