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First Team, Second Team and Third Team All-American Listings for 2009 complete with comparative stats for every position.
The first glimpse at Heisman voter Todd Helmick's compilation containing the Top 25 candidates.
The famous TV Listings. A week-by-week 2009 college football television schedule with top games to watch highlighted. 2009 Preseason Top 50
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1. Florida
2. Texas
3. Oklahoma
4. Southern California
5. Alabama
6. Oklahoma State
7. Ohio State
8. Virginia Tech
9. Mississippi
10. Louisiana State
11. Penn State
12. Georgia Tech
13. Oregon
14. Boise State
15. Georgia
16. California
17. Utah
18. TCU
19. Kansas
20. Florida State
21. Iowa
22. North Carolina
23. Texas Tech
24. Brigham Young
25. East Carolina


26. Notre Dame
27. Boston College
28. Pittsburgh
29. Auburn
30. West Virginia
31. Cincinnati
32. Oregon State
33. Nebraska
34. Michigan State
35. Wake Forest
36. Miami FL
37. Minnesota
38. Vanderbilt
39. Kentucky
40. Arkansas
41. Tennessee
42. Rutgers
43. Arizona
44. Central Michigan
45. Clemson
46. South Florida
47. Missouri
48. South Carolina
49. Houston
50. Nevada



Arizona State
Ball State
Fresno State

North Carolina State
Southern Miss


Welcome to the 2009 College Football Preview. This year we have decided to make the entire preview FREE! The presentations will be different this season as we start with team # 50 and work our way up to # 1. In addition, other teams outside the rankings will be released periodically. So bookmark our page and come back periodically to check on teams being added. This is our 10th anniversary of producing online previews. We hope you enjoy our annual presentation.


PREVIEW ARCHIVES takes pride in archiving all of the information from years gone by. Take a stroll down memory lane and peruse some of our college football previews of the past.

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Want to see what our Top 25 looked like back in December? Take a look at the Early Bird Preview, complete with depth charts and rankings.

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